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  • Date Updated: April 9, 2019

If you are a horse racing sport lover, you will not be able to ignore Horse Racing Manager 2019. This game brings fun online horse racing challenges and opportunities for you to explore the ability to manage and plan ahead of many other competitors. Coming to the game, you will become a manager and participate in fierce races to win. The task of managing the game is not simple, and you need to have reasonable calculations in management if you want to get the victory in many different races. Also, you also enjoy an impressive image system and a beautiful management interface. For a simpler installation and experience, please use the link at the end of the article.

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Unique sport

Horse racing is a favorite sport in Europe with many famous tournaments. When experiencing Horse Racing Manager 2019 for iOS, you have the opportunity to own many powerful and beautiful horses. You will have to train and care for the horses in the best way before participating in tournaments.

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Management tasks require players to have experience and develop good plans. A good manager is someone who owns many healthy horses. If your horse care and training plan are not good, you will fail in many tournaments. Conversely, building a good care plan will help your horses win many victories.

Care and training

Before participating in a tournament, you need to ensure good health for your horses. First, you need a science training plan to improve horse endurance and endurance. After that, you must ensure the nutrition for the horse to grow. Good care for horses will ensure good performance before every match. If these two factors are not guaranteed, your horse will be weaker than the other competitors and be defeated in the races.

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Horse training must be conducted regularly but must ensure safety for the horse. Avoid excessive and continuous training, which will make your horses sick and weaken over time. In particular, players can participate in exchanges or breeding on the trading market of the game. You will easily buy or sell different horses. Also, you can create more powerful horse breeds by breeding from horses with outstanding features.

Horse Racing Manager 2019 – Top Horse Management Sim Game

Tournaments and costumes

In the manager’s duty, you must give your horse a variety of tournaments from small local tournaments to major tournaments in many different countries. Besides training, participating in tournaments also helps your horses improve their skills. Also, you can decorate and create your interesting costumes to participate in different races. The costume design will bring a lot of fun to the players and help them enjoy many unique images with attractive colors.

Sharp image

Horse Racing Manager 2019 brings a beautiful and scientific management interface for you to explore. You can easily control the game and monitor multiple tasks at the same time. The movements and images of the horses are very sophisticated and sharp. Besides training horses, you can also take photos of horses and share them with many other players.

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Why not play?

Horse Racing Manager 2019 is a fun challenge and brings many unique experiences. Lightweight content and unique management tasks will create many exciting and suspenseful feelings for players. In particular, online competition also brings many interesting challenges for people to relax. Discover the work of a horse racing manager and enjoy the fun of this sport.