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  • Platforms: Android 7.0 or later iOS 11.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 581 MB
  • Date Updated: August 22, 2019

If you are a fan of high-speed challenges, you will not be able to skip online races and compete with multiple opponents at the same time. Are you looking for an attractive online game? Want to participate in many different races to show your skills? The best answer for you is Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. Discover many unique racetracks and enjoy intense matches. You will have to control your car skillfully and defeat many other players to win.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop 2


Hot Wheels Infinite Loop for iOS will prepare you for attractive online matches. You can participate in unique PVP challenges and compete with seven players from many different countries around the world. Not only does it bring exciting speed races, but the game also allows people to perform many actions and intense touches. In addition to observing and controlling the movement speedwell, you are also allowed to freely remove your competitors on the track. You will be allowed to SMASH & CRASH continuously with your competitors.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop – Real-time PvP Racing!

Many unique racetracks to conquer

Each match of the game will take place at a different racetrack. The tracks will be prepared with many different landscapes and colors for you to enjoy. Besides, the racetrack will be built very complicatedly, and you must have calm to be able to overcome the deadly bends of the game. To overcome rivals and move steadily, you need to perform drift operations continuously and accurately. If you do this, you can quickly overcome your competitors and get a safe position on the rankings at the end of each match.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop 3

Conquer all opponents and unlock new vehicles

The racetrack you participate in is designed in a fantasy style and promises to bring you addictive matches. With many complicated bends, you will need quick reflexes to overcome. Besides, completing each race will help you get many attractive rewards. From these rewards, you can upgrade or unlock new cars in the game. The manufacturer has prepared dozens of different models for you to explore. Each car will be designed with a unique and powerful unique shape. With beautiful and attractive cars, you will get the excitement and confidence to defeat your opponents.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop 1

Impressive game mode

The most striking feature of Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is that it has a range of exciting game modes for everyone to relax. You can experience individual or group challenges. Each game mode will be required and bring unexpected challenges for you to complete. In particular, each game mode will bring interesting rewards for you to collect. For example, you can join the fast-paced time squad challenges in short breaks. Or you can enjoy intense personal challenges to defeat your opponents through various lap matches. With online competitions and multiple game modes to explore, you will never be bored.