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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: July 1, 2019

After a long period of hard work, people need to rest to regain concentration. During a break, many people choose to relax with mobile games with gentle gameplay. To meet everyone’s needs, many manufacturers have actively designed and developed simple content games. If you want to search and experience gentle challenges, you can search on Googleplay. On Googleplay, there is a unique game with attractive content that is very suitable for your choice. It is called House Paint, and you have the opportunity to freely explore attractive colors right on your device.

house paint 2

Beautify your home

During the development of every human being, we always learn how to color different objects and learn beautiful colors. Coming to House Paint APK Mod, you have the opportunity to return to your childhood and be comfortable coloring right on your device. SayGames producer will prepare many different beautiful houses for you to paint on them the most suitable colors. Help the houses in the game be improved by painting them in different colors.

house paint 3

Tasks and levels

Your task in the game is to paint on every wall of the house with the colors required by the game. This task is very simple, and you can complete it in a short time. To color on the walls, you have to touch the screen and move horizontally or vertically. The walls of each house will be prepared in white. And the mission is only completed after the white patches are filled with different colors. Each house will be painted with different colors, and you need to have clever controls to be able to complete the task quickly.

House Paint – Paint those walls!

With the painting of walls, players need to observe each wall. On some walls, there will be obstacles, and you need to avoid these obstacles to complete the task. The more obstacles you have, you must move carefully and avoid moving in a loop.

house paint 4

To challenge people, the manufacturer has built many separate levels with many different homes. Each level brings a private home for you to color. The initial levels will provide small and simple houses. From there, you can easily complete the task without taking much time to observe. However, the more difficult levels will bring to houses with large size and many obstacles. Large sized houses also require you to move more. Therefore, you must pay close attention before performing the task.

house paint 1

Simple graphics

House Paint has a nice and user-friendly 2D graphics. Each mission will bring a different color, and the colors used are arranged scientifically. Besides, the houses in the game are designed with a variety of shapes and sizes to challenge people. From there, players will feel excited and experienced continuously without feeling depressed.