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  • Platforms: iOS 10/0 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 27, 2019

According to scientific studies and theories, it takes people millions of years to evolve and develop to the present time. In the process of evolution, people began to control nature and develop constantly. From this unique theme, WAZZAPPS producer has recently released an exciting content game for everyone to experience. It is called Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind. You will enjoy human reproduction and development for millions of years ago. You will start the task with simple cell patterns. From there, you can explore the development process of humanity through many different stages.

human evolution clicker game rise of mankind 2

Combined and creative

With easy-to-understand gameplay, Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind for iOS¬†will give players more attractive images to relax. By combining many different cells, you can create many different types on Earth (animals or plants). Built with fantasy elements and many unique images, it doesn’t need you to have complex calculations or development plans. You just need to combine multiple cells or identical DNA patterns to create new species and collect bonuses.

Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind for Android/iOS

Evolution of humanity

To enjoy the evolution of mankind, you have the task of combining cell samples of the same color and size. From these unique cells, you can create a world of your own. Simply put, you will become a creator and the creatures on Earth are your great products. When you start exploring the game, you are provided with water droplets and you need to touch these droplets to collect simple cells. Gathering many simple cell types, you have the task of quickly combining cell types to create a new type of cell or species. The development process will take place continuously and not stop.

human evolution clicker game rise of mankind 3

By discovering and creating new species for the Earth, you will surely enjoy many fascinating images. Evolution will evolve constantly and you can create a new world. In addition to creating animal, plant and human forms on Earth. You are also allowed to create different types of fictional evolutionary creatures. With imaginary forms, you not only create life on Earth. But you are also allowed to conquer the vast universe with new creatures with unique development ability. In particular, each type of creature in the evolutionary stages will be designed with different colors and shapes. From there, you will not be bored and ready to create more advanced species.

human evolution clicker game rise of mankind 4


Discovering and enjoying the development process over millions of years of humanity in a game is a unique experience. With lots of beautiful images and unique designs, Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind will make you satisfied. Many kinds of fascinating creatures are waiting for you to explore in front. Set up and share games with many others so that people can better understand the process of human formation.