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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 223 MB
  • Date Updated: May 2, 2019

Do you love races and intense competition between many people? Are you ready to use every trick to win? Are you confident enough to overcome many opponents and crazy obstacles at the same time? To answer these interesting questions, please join Human Runner 3D. Coming to this unique game, you will be competing online with many players, and they come from many different countries around the world. Each race is a fun experience that you should not ignore. You are bored and want to enjoy the fun match between many players, use the link at the end of the article to download and relax.

Human Runner 3D 2

Online wars

In Human Runner 3D for iOS, you will be randomly arranged with four different players. To win, you must control the character to overcome the obstacles on the way and prevent the opponent from completing the race. Each race will take place in a short time and requires players to have quick reflexes to complete the challenge. If you do not quickly overcome obstacles and opponents, you will be left behind and accept defeat. Fight with all your abilities and use every possible way to defeat other players.

Human Runner 3D 3


Each match in the game will be prepared with five different players and divided with four separate tracks. After each track, the finisher will eventually be eliminated from the race. Track 1 will start with the participation of 5 players and to track 4; there will be only two players competing with each other. To eliminate other opponents and reach the finish line, you must skillfully avoid obstacles and push down opponents. To prevent players from completing the race, you just need to move closer to them, and the character will automatically push the opponent down. And to move the character, you have to touch and hold your hand on the screen.

Human Runner 3D – Fast and clumsy running

The crazy and funny map system

To create thrilling races and bring a lot of fun to experience, the map system will be prepared with a lot of different obstacles. Each match and track will be played on different maps, bringing many unexpected challenges to players. On the way, the pitfalls and obstacles will constantly appear to prevent you from completing the race. Therefore, players need to pay attention to observe and move science to overcome obstacles.

Human Runner 3D 4

In particular, the map system is built in the air, and you need to avoid falling into the pool. If you fall off the path, the character will be taken back to the starting position and left you behind by other opponents. When participating in races, opponents will try to push you down and get you out of the race. Therefore, you must try to push the opponent before or stay away from opponents with a safe distance to complete the race.

Human Runner 3D 1


Human Runner 3D has beautiful 3D graphics with unique obstacles and pitfalls. Besides the pitfalls, the game also uses its colors to create comfort for players. Although the number of colors used is very small, with a reasonable layout, players will be comfortable and have many unique experiences. In particular, the character’s movements are very stable and agile. When colliding with obstacles and traps, the character will be flying into the air or falling to the ground. From there, provide more fun images for players and help race more attractive.