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  • Date Updated: July 6, 2019

With the strong development of science and technology, smartphones are increasingly popular in the world. In particular, smartphones are now designed with a robust and stable configuration system. Therefore, people can freely experience many different mobile games. Among the current mobile games, Dragon Nest is a famous and familiar name for everyone. It was officially released by Hound 13 producer in 2016.

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After the success of Dragon Nest, this manufacturer continues to develop a new MMORPG. The first name of this project was Project 10, and after completing the design, it had a new name Hundred Soul. With this game, you can freely enjoy addictive RPG challenges right on your device.

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Easy control

For those who have experienced Dragon Nest, you can easily discover Hundred Soul APK Mod because they have a similar gameplay system. As for new players, the manufacturer has prepared an easy-to-understand control system, and you can quickly get acquainted in a short time.

Hundred Soul – Action Theory of Relativity

Similar to MMORPGs, the game will have its virtual keys to help you control the character. And a friendly interface system helps you manage characters and tasks in a simple way. The interface and virtual key system are scientifically arranged on the device’s screen; you just need to touch the screen to perform the desired control operations.

Many characters

For you to enjoy many exciting RPG challenges, the manufacturer has built many different character classes for you to explore. In particular, you are allowed to use up to 2 characters at the same time during the battle. Being able to explore three types of characters at the same time will bring a lot of excitement to everyone. Besides, it also requires players to have appropriate management and development plans. Good management will help you balance the power of all three characters and can deal with many dangerous enemies.

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The current favorite characters in the game are Assassin and Wizard. In addition to these two character classes, there are sevseveralal other character classes you can use like Archer, Warrior … Also, each character will be built with a unique battle skill system. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time to collect appropriate weapons and upgrade combat skills for the character.


Due to the design and construction of the famous Unity image technology, Hundred Soul has a beautiful image quality. The image quality of the game is highly appreciated and is equivalent to some products released on the PC platform. Therefore, you will be satisfied with the image details in this game.

hundred soul 2

The characters and landscape system are built very vividly. The character’s motion system is built smoothly and brings many beautiful images to people. Besides, the combat skills effects are also designed with a variety of attractive colors and beautiful short films. In particular, the manufacturer also prepared many different perspectives to help players feel comfortable.