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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: March 22, 2019

Currently, mobile games are often developed with a variety of genres to bring many interesting experiences for players. In particular, the current trend is to combine two different genres in the same game. So did you ever think of going to the continuous running and shooting challenge? To explore continuous running and shooting challenges, please experience Hunter Run. A unique role-playing game with impressive gameplay of mobirix producer. This game will bring many interesting challenges when you are allowed to use weapons to destroy the enemies along the way and move to a safe position to complete the mission.

hunter run 2

The new and most exciting challenge today

Usually, you will only be allowed to experience shooting or running. But in Hunter Run for iOS, you will experience both challenges at the same time. You have the opportunity to use a variety of weapons and run to defeat the enemy along the way. Interestingly, you can collect characters and create different groups to participate in the challenge of the game. Instead of using and controlling a character, you are allowed to use and control three characters at the same time.

hunter run 3

The levels of the game will be divided into different stages. Completing each stage will help you gain bonuses and experience points to upgrade your character. Each stage will have a limited time for you to take on the challenge and some additional side quests. Completing side quests and stages in limited time will help you get more bonuses or attractive gifts. If during the limited time you cannot complete the challenge and the side quests, you will have to replay and not participate in the next stage.

Gentle control

With the challenge of running and shooting, the manufacturer has prepared a simple control system for you and everyone. Your characters will automatically fight, move and you have the task of controlling the characters. Players only need to touch the screen, then swipe their hands left or right to control the character. Note, monsters on the way will attack you with many different weapons. Try to control the movement of the characters skillfully and nimbly to avoid monster attacks.

Hunter Run for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Characters and things to pay attention to

Each character will have their own HP stats and special fighting skills. Try to control the characters well to make sure the HP bar is not lowered too low. If the character’s HP is lowered to 0, your character will die. Also, each special battle skill requires a certain amount of time to accumulate and recover energy after each use.

hunter run 4

In the left corner of the device, the screen will be displayed the symbol of the three characters you are using. Under each icon will display an HP bar of each character. And you can use the special fighting skills of each character when the symbol shines. When participating in the challenge, try to move smartly to destroy monsters and use the most appropriate special skills.

hunter run 1


Hunter Run has an impressive 3D graphics. The imaging system is very sophisticatedly prepared with many beautiful costumes of each character with unique combat skills. Monsters and BOSS are designed with a variety of different powers to challenge you. The map system in each stage is well prepared with many unique landscapes to help you not get bored. With a highly detailed image system, quickly join this game to overcome great challenges.