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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: December 28, 2018

Human protection is a frequent topic used by many manufacturers to develop games, besides this theme, there are many other interesting topics. Have you ever experienced a topic in which you become a human destroyer? I Am Monster: Idle Destruction will bring you the fascinating experience of the topic above. Instead of protecting humanity, you will build an army of monsters and destroy life.

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Impressive content

Join I Am Monster: Idle Destruction for iOS, you will control many different monsters and destroy the city. You will move around the city and destroy everything. Those who stand in your way will be destroyed, to prevent you from destroying the city a powerful military force will attack you continuously. Therefore, you will have to prioritize destroying the military forces that appear on the map. Destroying troops and destroying many buildings will help your monsters grow and become stronger. Discover a whole new experience where you will become a professional vandal.

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Destroying becomes a joy

You are responsible for destroying the city and building an army of monsters. The game is prepared six different types of monsters for players to collect and use. At the beginning of the experience, you will be provided with a basic monster to use. To unlock and use many other monsters, you need to complete the challenges that the game requires. Therefore, fight and destroy continuously to unlock many unique monsters and experience more destructive fun.

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Each monster will be designed with three different fighting skills for you to use, these skills have good attack ability and great destructive power. However, these skills will have limited time when used. After using these skills, you will need to wait for the cooldown of skills. Therefore, players should use and calculate reasonably when using combat skills to gain many advantages before the enemy.

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction – Kaiju smashing cities!

You will experience different levels; each level will take you to many locations in the city to destroy and fight. To complete each level, you will have to face BOSS BRAWL at the end of each level. Successfully destroying BOSS BRAWL will help you experience more levels. If you are defeated by BOSS BRAWL at a certain level, you will have to replay that level until you complete the mission.

Upgrade monsters to fight better

Character upgrade feature will help your monsters have better attack and defense capabilities. In particular, you can upgrade monsters and fight at the same time. This feature will help players experience more comfortable and help the game’s performance better. There will be three main components in monster upgrades including Max Health, Attack Damage, Skill Damage. You will need to upgrade scientifically to help your monsters survive better and destroy more enemies.

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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction has beautiful 3D graphics and is designed in an impressive animation style. Besides fun content is a unique image quality that gives users attractive experiences. This is an engaging experience that you should join now. Use the sharing link at the end of the article to experience many unique images and fun destruction activities.