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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: July 16, 2018

Recently, the famous game maker of Korea named Nexon has launched their new MMORPG game market called Icarus M. This is another version of Riders of Icarus game, which is released for mobile devices. Riders of Icarus is a very popular MMORPG in Korea, and it has brought great success to Nexon, we can expect Icarus M for Android to meet the needs of players and achieve great success. Right now, let’s learn about this game and how to download the game the easiest.

icarus m 1

Unique gameplay

Players will be entering a fantasy world in this game. Here you will become a hero and make the journey to defeat monsters to bring peace to the world. You can choose which character you want to control in the five different classes that the game offers. Each character class will have three skills, and each has its strengths. You need to select the character that best suits you to join the journey more easily. Similar to the original PC version, players will have to perform various tasks given by the NPCs of the game. You will have to examine many different areas with many challenges awaiting.

icarus m 2

In particular, the monsters in the game appear in the famous myths in the world such as dragons, unicorn … These monsters will create a lot of difficulties for players to overcome. Also, players can collect and tame these monsters so that they become powerful supporters for them. You can use these types of monsters to fly in the sky of the game, but you have to defeat them to be able to unlock this feature.

icarus m 3

These missions will give players plenty of rewards. They can use these rewards to increase the strength of their characters by upgrading their weapons and equipment. Also, players can participate in Boss Fight battles to receive more attractive rewards. Besides, PvP mode is also a thing that players are very interested. They will have the chance to compete with other players around the globe, use all their power to win other players and win big prizes.

icarus m 4

Control mechanism

This is a game for mobile devices. The manufacturer has designed a sophisticated yet highly optimized control system for the player. They can control their characters and use other features of the game easily. The virtual keys are designed to be very logical and scientific to give players the best gaming experience.

Icarus M for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Impressive design

Nexon is a well-known game maker with the ability to create products with the best image design. This game is no exception; the game has been designed on 3D graphics platform with the latest technology Unreal Engine 4. All the details in the game are displayed very honestly and create a strong impression on the player. Of course, players need to use a highly configurable device to experience this smoother game. The sound system of the game is also well designed for players to have the perfect experience.

Icarus M


Icarus M for iOS is an MMORPG that is being played by many players all over the world. The game can beat its previous version called Darkness Rises. This will be a very attractive game that players should experience!