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  • Date Updated: January 7, 2019

If you’re a fan of manga and anime-style games, you’ll know Auer Media & Entertainment producer. Their products are always prepared with compelling content and high-quality images. Therefore, their products are often interesting and loved by people. Some outstanding games of Auer Media & Entertainment include Diosa Force II Elemental Order and Dawn Break series with different versions. And the latest version of the recently released Dawn Break series is called Ice and Fire: Dawn Break. In this version, players will experience new characters and an impressive range of mission systems.

ice and fire 1

New character

In Ice and Fire: Dawn Break for iOS, players will experience three new characters and each character will have different stories for everyone to experience. This version is the 3rd part of Dawn Break series; you continue to explore fascinating adventures and epic battles. You will get acquainted and fight with three characters: Feilin – Ice Crystal Angel, Hilde – Silver Phantom, and Agate – Flame Warlock. Each character has a story with their adventures with impressive fighting skills for you to explore

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Each character of the game is prepared with many pictures and impressive fighting skills. In it, Agate – Flame Warlock has the attribute of fire with Burning Blaze. Feilin – Ice Crystal Angel character has the attribute of water with Ice Crystal. Finally, Hilde – Silver Phantom has the same attribute as Feilin character and Ice Blade weapon. With a variety of attribute systems and weapons, the characters will bring many fascinating and addictive challenges.

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Players will experience many challenges and interesting activities with a system of a rigorous and engaging storyline. You will have to fight many monsters in different lands and dangerous conspiracy. You will have to complete many tasks required to upgrade the character and equip them with many high-quality items. With more than 100 different levels with Normal and Elite modes, players will get a lot of new experiences. Depending on the entertainment needs and tasks of the game, you will have to choose 1 of the two modes to experience.

Dawn Break -Ice and Fire – Enjoy the game in offline!

To bring impressive experiences, the manufacturer has prepared many different tasks and a diverse map system to challenge players. You will have to fight many monsters along the way, at the end of each mission you will have to face BOSS. Note, prioritize to kill low-level monsters and avoid combat skills from BOSS. Destroying the first low-level monsters will help you to comfortably fight BOSS without being bothered. The next feature is the Skill list system displayed on the left side of the device’s screen. With this system, you can easily make many unique combinations when fighting to help you defeat opponents faster.

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Audio image

Similar to previous versions of Dawn Break series, Ice and Fire: Dawn Break APK Mod brings many beautiful images and sharp 3D graphics. The interface of the game is beautifully designed with many interesting image details, besides a series of impressive fighting skills effects. These effects are prepared by the manufacturer very carefully and carefully bring many attractive battles for players. The sound is well prepared with lots of fun soundtracks and characters voiced by many celebrities. The sound system is carefully built from background music to epic music pieces when fighting. This helps players have more confidence and comfort to experience the game.

Dawn Break Ice and Fire


Ice and Fire: Dawn Break will be a good choice for role-playing game lovers, this game is suitable for those who have high requirements for image quality and attractive storyline. Quickly download to experience the unique adventure journey and battle with many legendary monsters.