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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 55 MB
  • Date Updated: October 21, 2018

Do you not have much time to relax? Want to have a fast-paced and easy-to-play game? Have an interesting entertainment game and match your requirements as Ice The game was released by Voodoo producer. This is a very relaxing entertainment game. The game has a fast pace and is suitable for players who have limited time to relax. Let’s take a look at the impressive things of the game through this article.

ice racing io 3

Relaxing game

After hours of hard work, you need time to relax. There are many different activities for people to relax. Today, people usually relax by playing games. Because playing games will help you relieve tension and relaxation. Join the game; you will experience an exciting match. To enter the gaming experience, just touch the screen of the device you’re using. When you touch the screen of the device, your character will jump high. With two continuous clicks, your character will jump higher.

ice racing io 1

Your task in the game is to win against other opponents. Each match will have three positions for the winners 1, 2 and 3. When playing the game, you need to make a reasonable calculation to jump and cross the other players. You just touch the screen and jump over everyone. In particular, when you kill another player, the character will be bigger and move faster. Moving faster will give you an advantage in front of people. After each game you will receive EXP from the game, EXP will help you to upgrade your character level.

Ice for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Graphics and colors

Similar to the other games that have been released by Voodoo, Ice for Android has simple and fun graphics. Although the game has simple graphics but is very suitable for gameplay. The layout in the game is simple and easy to use. The color of the game is very impressive and easy to see. Each character in the game will have different colors to help you distinguish between your character and the character of the other players. The color of the game is very bright, and you will love this game from the very first look.

ice racing io

Thought in the end

This is a fun and beautiful game. The game is fast paced, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to experience the game. Gameplay is very simple and easy to use, so you can quickly experience the game. Ice is an impressive game that you and everyone should experience once. You can play the game anywhere, and you will relieve stress easily.