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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 661MB
  • Date Updated: May 24, 2018

Were you frustrated with traditional survival games such as PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival? Are you looking to find a survival game in a whole new way? Identity V will be the choice for you, the game is released by the developer Netease. Identity V for Android is a very interesting survival game; many people may say that this game is another version of the game Dead by Daylight.

identity v 2

We will learn briefly about Dead by Daylight. This game was inspired by a mass murder case in a town that was once very rich and inhabited. People outside this village did not know what was going on that made the village overcast. An expedition has tried to uncover the mystery of this village, they have discovered that everyone here was killed by a mass murderer. However, the killer is still alive and he will kill all those who set foot in the village. A war of survival between the lost and the murderer has begun!

identity v 3

The identity system of Identity V APK Download has many similarities, but if this is a mobile game, then the player can not ignore. With its unique gameplay and awesome graphics, the game promises to bring a lot of unique and exciting experiences to the players. Let’s find out about Identity V for iOS.

A horror journey

When participating in the game, the player will become a character in any five characters. You can become a survivor or killer. The player’s mission to become a survivor is to flee from the killer and escape the horror village. If you act as a killer, you will hunt down other players and kill them. The game only starts when there are 5 players connected at the same time.

Identity V (English Version) – Android / iOS Gameplay

You are a fugitive and you can not fight the bloodthirsty killer. But players in the role of survivors can use terrain types to slow down the killer. The killer will own a large knife, he will kill anyone in his sight. Survivors can only run and wait for the killer to escape the village.

Costume system

The game has a very diverse costume system. Players can choose different costumes for their character in the store of the game. Players will be more amused when their characters wear new outfits in the next game.

identity v 4

Graphic design phobia

Identity V APK Mod owns a unique Gothic 3D graphics design. The whole map of the game is covered by a dark and deadly black. The trees no longer grow leaves, players will feel like you are entering a real hell. Characters designed in the Gothic style will be closer to the player to minimize the unfortunate situation that occurs in many other horror games. Moreover, the soundtrack of the game will make players feel shivered because of the cold.

identity v 5

You can download the game here

Identity V will be a favourite game in the near future. With attractive storyline, varied gameplay, rich costume system, beautiful graphic design. Players will experience a super horror movie right on their mobile device. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.