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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 30, 2019

In the process of developing social networks and internet systems across the globe. Many online games on websites have been released. From there, help meet the simple and fun needs of everyone. In particular, the popularly released games are often in the attractive management category (restaurants, farms, …).

Idle Coffee Corp 2

From the success of the games above, several manufacturers have continued to develop compelling management challenges and release them on mobile platforms. If you need exploring games with unique management content, Idle Coffee Corp is an option suitable for you at present. With this game, you will become a dynamic manager and supervise your coffee shops to get rich.

Coffee shop

Idle Coffee Corp for iOS allows you to discover the true tasks and challenges of a manager. At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a simple coffee serving shop, and your task is to develop the store to improve profits. In addition to managing and developing a basic coffee shop, you are also allowed to expand your business to many different lands in the world (Asia, Australia, Europe, …).

Idle Coffee Corp – Build your cafe empire!

Business management of simple?

With the responsibility of a manager, you must ensure a stable source of profits for your store. To do that, you need smart business plans. In addition, you also have to upgrade continuously to improve labor productivity for your store. If the store receives a lot of orders, you need to hire new employees and expand the store to serve more customers at the same time. Overall, the control of the game is relatively easy to understand but to manage well, you need agile thinking.

Idle Coffee Corp 3

Monitoring and wise strategies

To expand and create a good profit, you need to constantly monitor the activities taking place in your store. At the beginning of the game, you only had to manage only one store, and the number of customers was relatively few. However, later stages of the game will be more complicated when you have to manage many stores at the same time and must serve a large number of customers. If unable to serve continuously and fulfill the requirements of customers. Your profits will be reduced, and you can not open new stores.

Idle Coffee Corp 4

In the basic challenges, you need to serve simple and collect bonuses. After simple challenges, you will be faced with having to fulfill any customer requirements. From there, you must hire more service staff and open new service counters to maintain a stable profit. In addition to hiring employees and opening new service counters, you also need to upgrade and expand the menu of service. Upgrades will help your store serve drinks faster, and customers will visit your store often. Besides, serving a diverse menu system also helps you earn more bonuses and get the attention of many different customer groups. From there, you can become a billionaire and a smart manager with dozens of different stores in Idle Coffee Corp.