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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 63 MB
  • Date Updated: November 1, 2018

Minecraft is a very familiar and popular game in the world. Based on the highlights of Minecraft, Futureplay producer has released a very impressive simulation game called Idle Crafting Empire. This is a new game released recently, but people are very good evaluation. The game has over 900,000 downloads with many positive feedback for the manufacturer. Learn the highlights of the game through my article

idle crafting empire 2

Content and adventure

The game has a very interesting plot, the protagonist of the game is a boy on the journey to explore the mysterious forest with many fairy tales. On the journey to find the mystery of the forest, the protagonist encounters a villain called Doctor Jimmy. This villain has a lot in common with Doctor Octopus in the classic movie Spider-Man. Doctor Jimmy is plotting to destroy the forest; the boy is supposed to stop this evil action.

idle crafting empire 3

Experience the adventure in the game, you will become the main character and you have the task of protecting the forest from the threat of Doctor Jimmy. You will have to perform the tasks that the game requires and overcome the obstacles in the game. The game will give you a hammer, you can use the hammer to smash the blocks in the game, this operation is very similar to Minecraft so you will easily experience the game. To operate in the game, just touch the screen of the device you are using. Break up the square blocks to complete the required of the game. You break as many square blocks, you will get more bonuses. Use the bonus to upgrade your hammer, after upgrading your hammer will be stronger and you will easily win the game. The game has many levels for you to experience. Pass the levels of the game you will receive impressive achievements.

Idle Crafting Empire – Get rich mining and crafting!

Unique graphics

Idle Crafting Empire APK Mod is built on beautiful 3D graphics. Image details of the game are very lively and beautiful; you will feel excited as soon as you start playing the game. Motion and visual effects of the game are designed to be smooth and lively. The excellent visual quality of the game will make you have a fun experience.

idle crafting empire 4


Idle Crafting Empire meets graphics and content for hardcore gamers. The game experience will be an ideal choice, relaxing comfortably with the game after you have worked hard. The game will take you to a new real world, where you will enjoy the full joy of playing the game. To play the game you touch the share link at the end of this article.