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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 85 MB
  • Date Updated: March 14, 2019

The products released by mobirix always create a lot of fun and provide many addictive experiences for everyone. Recently, they have launched a unique role-playing product with unexpected challenges. It is called Idle Knights, a very interesting team fighting game with lots of funny pictures. Currently, you can download games from Googleplay and App Store, download and create your warrior groups to conquer the world.

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Idle Knights for iOS are built with very simple gameplay; you have the task of gathering many different characters in the game to create a fighting group with many different powers. With the role-playing genre and various character classes to use, you can create many unique battle groups. Discover their characters and powers to create your powerful warrior group and defeat all monsters along the way.

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Character system

In the game, there are nine different character classes to use. Each character class has different fighting skills and characteristics. With nine classes of characters, you will discover nine different weapons. Each character will have their weapons to use. Therefore, you need to pay attention to collecting and equipping the most suitable weapons for each character class. Besides, with your fighting skills, you also need to build a science plan to upgrade your fighting skills for the character. Having nine character classes when you experience, you will discover hundreds of special fighting skills and different powers.

Idle Knights  – idle strategy RPG

Fight and equip

You will start challenging with a character class. The characters will automatically participate in fighting and destroying monsters in every dungeon or mission. You have the task of observing combat, upgrading characters, arranging formation and fighting weapons. During the beginning of the challenge you can use two different character classes in a group, and the characters will fight on each stage. Each group will be assigned a maximum of 4 members. In it, the 3rd and 4th positions in the group will be unlocked after you pass stage 50 and stage 100.

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When fighting and destroying monsters, players will receive bonuses and various types of items. In it, bonuses will be used to upgrade characters. And the types of items will be used to create new weapons for the character. Depending on the value of each item you collect, the strength of the weapons you create will be different. In addition to making weapons, you must also equip your character with armour, hats, pants and gloves. The equipment will help improve the battle indicators for the character.

In addition to fighting monsters and BOSS missions, players are also allowed to participate in PVP battles worldwide. With PVP mode, you will be faced with many other players to test the fighting ability of your team. Online fighting also helps you make the necessary modifications to increase the power of the group. Battle PVP is very intense; you need to prepare well for the characters before joining.

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Idle Knights for Android has beautiful 2D graphics and lovely cartoon-style characters with lots of unique outfits. The most prominent feature in the imaging system is the user-friendly interface that provides simple controls and is easy to use. The technical information and power of each character or equipment are fully displayed. Besides, the effects of combat skills are beautifully designed with many different colours. Monster system and BOSS are also prepared in a variety of individual shapes that bring about exciting experiences.

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Idle Knights is a fun idle game; you can freely fight monsters or engage in PVP battles simply.