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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: July 27, 2019

With the need for simple entertainment of players, the game must also provide the necessary experience for the player. Idle Games are now known and loved by many players. Since then, many publishers have also designed their own unique and attractive Idle Games. Com2uS is no exception. This famous Korean producer will soon release an interesting Idle Games, and it will make you satisfied with addictive gameplay. It is called Idle & Merge – Dragonsky, and you have the opportunity to discover many powerful legendary dragons. You will become a smart conqueror and own a dragon army of your own to conquer the world.

idle merge dragonsky 2

Simple but attractive game

Idle & Merge – Dragonsky APK Mod aims at attractive and simple tasks for everyone. From there, you can comfortably relax to arrange a time to entertain and work reasonably. You have the task to collect and use many different types of dragons to overcome the required tasks. With the use of different types of dragons as combat weapons, you will have to build a clever strategy to develop your dragon army.

An impressive mythical world

Dragon is a mythical creature and popular in many cultures around the world. Dragons are associated with war and destruction; they possess great powers and can destroy the human world quickly. However, this game will allow you to train and use many different dragons to destroy wild dragons. To help people enjoy the exciting battles, each dragon will be designed with its attributes. From there, you can discover many unique powers at the same time and get memorable visual experiences.

idle merge dragonsky 3

Similar to Idle Games, you will have to train and constantly upgrade for the dragons you are using. After summoning and acquiring dragons with their own powers. You have to arrange your formation and take them into different battlefields to gain experience. Fighting constantly and destroying many enemies helps you collect valuable rewards. From there, you can evolve for your dragons. Each evolution will have different requirements, and you must meet these requirements correctly. Evolution is important, as it helps to develop and unlock new powers for your dragon.

idle merge dragonsky 4

Level and society

Idle & Merge – Dragonsky will prepare battles according to individual stages. The difficulty of the stage will increase, and you need to constantly upgrade your army to be able to fight on more complex stages. Besides, you also face many kinds of crazy and dangerous BOSS. The BOSS will be very difficult to destroy, and you need wise battle plans to win.

idle merge dragonsky 1

Another highlight of the game is a good social system and allows you to connect to compete with many others. In addition to fighting and upgrading dragons, you can also join the guild to get good benefits and grow quickly. In particular, you can fight with guild members to defeat special BOSS and collect good rewards. Also, a ranking system is also prepared for everyone to compete. Fight and get many good achievements to achieve high rankings.