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  • Date Updated: May 30, 2019

After a week of hard work, relaxation is essential to prepare for a new work week. On holidays, what are your options? You will go to the library or movie theater, most people’s choice is amusement parks. There are lots of fun games for people to relieve stress and rest with family or friends. One of the most popular games is rollercoaster. Have you ever thought about managing a roller coaster? Experience Idle Roller Coaster to enjoy the fun time managing your play area. The game is now available on App Store and is officially released by Green Panda Games.

Idle Roller Coaster 2

Park management

Idle Roller Coaster APK Mod is an interesting challenge and belongs to Idle Games category. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to manage a play area with a unique roller coaster system. To meet the entertainment needs of everyone, you must upgrade the roller coaster and make people care about it. Besides upgrading roller coasters, you can also link your business with many others to increase your income. Arrange an ice cream car or a fun clown beside your play area, so people care more.

Idle Roller Coaster 3


The content of the game is easy to understand; you are the manager of an area in the park and currently owns a roller coaster system. This is a fascinating game and very much loved. You have the task of developing your amusement park; there are many different ways to develop it. Depending on your ability to build a plan, you can freely develop without limits on creativity. If you get a wise business plan, you will get huge profits and become a billionaire.

Idle Roller Coaster 4

First, you will be provided with a simple roller coaster system, and your number of customers will be very small. Therefore, you need to accumulate a lot of bonuses to upgrade your roller coaster system. To help rollercoaster move and get bonuses, simply tap on the screen. After a round of moves, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the number of customers participating in the game. The more customers join, the more bonuses you will receive.

Idle Roller Coaster – Become a Theme Park Tycoon

Besides the task of moving roller coasters and collecting bonuses, you have to perform many different upgrades to develop your amusement park. For rollercoaster systems, there are three items that you need to upgrade regularly. The items to upgrade include Ticket, Speed ​​, and Cars. Each upgrade will require you to use a certain amount. Make reasonable calculations so that upgrades are balanced and bring you many benefits.

Idle Roller Coaster 1

In addition to upgrading the roller coaster system, you can also open more decorations to help your play area be more bustling. In particular, each ornament will bring plus points and help you get more profit. For example, you unlock a fast food location that will help you improve the ticket. Or you unlock an airship that will help you speed the roller coaster system. In general, the upgrades all bring great benefits to you. Upgrade and develop the amusement park in a planned way and become a smart manager.