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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 18, 2019

Idle games are now very popular. These games not only bring comfort to players but also help players better understand many different types of jobs (construction, business management, …). As everyone knows, railways are a popular form of transportation and are used by many people around the world. So do you want to explore the work of managing and building a railway system? Do you want to own your own rail transport company and become a wealthy boss? Coming to Idle Trains, players will be involved in building and managing a rail system of their own. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares a series of tasks to build towns or cities around your railway system.

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With Idle Trains for iOS, players will not need to perform many complex operations. Players only need careful calculations to make many different upgrades and develop a rail system of their own. Your railway system will automatically operate to transport customers or goods. From there, help you accumulate a lot of gold coins, and this money will be used to upgrade the station or structures related to the railway system you are managing.

Idle Trains – Have fun!


To manage the rail system, IsCool Entertainment manufacturer will provide players with an intuitive interface system. With various options and features that will help you manage the rail system better. Each directory will bring its features, and you need to test or upgrade the directory continues to grow. In particular, each upgrade will need to use a lot of gold. Therefore, you have to calculate smart to make many reasonable upgrades and help your rail system flourish.

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Railway system development will take time. Besides, there will be three main options that you need to upgrade constantly: Ticket, Speed, ​​and Train. Continuous upgrading of these three options will help you get more gold coins. Also, your challenges will be prepared on a separate level. Each completed level will help you unlock new features of the game. In particular, your railway system will grow and expand according to each level. From there, the context around your railway system will also change gradually with each level. The higher the level, the more our rail system grows, and the more modern the surrounding structures are. You can accelerate the development of towns or cities around your rail system with the following options: Work, Life, Station, and City.

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High-quality image system

Along with compelling content and gameplay, Idle Trains also owns a beautiful and easy to see the visual system. Although the visual details of the game are not prepared too carefully. But still, bring many vivid images for people to discover. With the development of each level will help players enjoy many unique landscapes. From the basic levels, you can explore simple lands or towns. The higher levels will help you enjoy a bustling context in big cities.