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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 65 MB
  • Date Updated: December 20, 2018

Lemon Jam Studio is an impressive game publisher with a variety of highly entertaining games that meet the needs of users and receive positive reviews. From the above factors, Lemon Jam Studio continues to release a new game and promises to make people love when playing this game. Infinite Knights is an RPG and turn-based strategy game with an interesting visual system. You will have the opportunity to participate in fierce and fascinating battles, have the opportunity to experience many unique events.

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In the Infinite Knights APK Mod, the king has died with many mysteries around, and royal families are taking on the confrontation to decide who will become the next king. When the country was in a panic with the death of the king, much of the land in the kingdom began to be attacked by demons. People’s lives have become increasingly difficult as the nation has no leader and is attacked by evil. A hero will appear and is responsible for protecting everyone; this hero will be the lead man against the devil. Are you ready to become a strong leader or hero? Join the fight and experience the fascinating storyline to become a great hero.

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With role-playing and turn-based combat, you’ll have the task of building and creating a team of many different characters. Your team will gather the best fighters. You will have to recruit many different characters all over the land of the kingdom to create a strong fighting group. Your task is to protect people and destroy the devil. Your main enemy is the Devil, who directly makes your kingdom panic. You will have to pass 500 different levels to be able to face the Devil directly. This is an intense journey and takes a long time to pass, so you should have a wise strategy when fighting.

Infinite Knights – Retro style turn-based RPG

Lineup and equipment

To fight the Devil, your team will be built with six members. You will be allowed to summon and arrange battle squads with different members. Each member will have their strengths and abilities to fight, so you need to know the strength of each character to get the best effect when using. In addition to building a combat squad, you will have to collect and build various equipment. This equipment will give your character the best fighting ability. Advanced equipment can be obtained when completing complex tasks. Using and upgrading equipment wisely will give you many advantages over enemies while fighting.

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Infinite Knights have impressive 2D graphics and are designed in a classic style to bring a unique experience. In addition to impressive content, the control and combat systems are built very carefully and easily understood. You can choose between two modes when fighting: auto mode and manual mode. Many fun activities and crazy challenges are waiting for you in the forefront, using the links at the bottom of the article to quickly set up and experience the game.