• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 600 MB
  • Date Updated: September 14, 2019

Since being released on the Arcade game or Playstation platform, fierce fighting battles never make people bored. If you are looking for and want to experience fierce fighting challenges right on your device? Infinity Blade Saga is a great option that you cannot miss. Developed on the success of Infinity Blade series, this game promises to bring many interesting experiences for everyone. With intense battles and many quick control operations, you have the opportunity to enjoy more realistic fighting emotions.

Infinity Blade Saga 2

Complex control

One of the outstanding features of Infinity Blade Saga for iOS is that it possesses a simple control system. To defeat the enemy and survive the fierce battle, you will need many smart control manipulations. Besides, the complex controls also bring more realistic fighting images for players. From there, people can fight continuously and have a lot of great leisure time.

Infinity Blade Saga for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To control the character and use many different fighting skills, you have to touch and swipe your finger on the screen of the device. At the beginning of the game, the manufacturer will prepare simple matches with various instructions to help you get started. With basic instructions, you will understand how to fight and defeat enemies to survive. If you want to defend, you must keep your hand on the screen to avoid the enemy attack and ensure the character’s HP. On the contrary, you want to attack and reduce the enemy’s HP. You swipe your finger on the screen in different directions (left, right, …).

Infinity Blade Saga 3

Items and many opponents to compete

With the challenge of fighting, players will explore many different weapons systems. Each weapon will have its offensive skills for you to use in combat. In addition to exploring and using weapons with strong damage, players also need to collect items with stable defenses. Many types of shields with good technical indicators have been prepared for you to collect.

Infinity Blade Saga 4

When participating in combat, you will discover challenges in separate stages. And the difficulty will increase over time. Your first enemies will have low combat stats, and you can quickly overcome them. Conversely, enemies with high combat stats will require a lot of time to defeat, and you must have a lot of clever strategies if you want to win. In particular, defeating enemies will help you get experience points to level up. And improve four basic battle stats for characters (Life, Attack, Magic, and Shield).

Infinity Blade Saga 1

High-quality graphics

Infinity Blade Saga has a quality image system developed by Unreal Engine 4 tool. From there, help it get a beautiful 3D graphics and more smooth motion. Besides, the image details of each character are carefully designed and good looking. The color system is also harmoniously coordinated to bring more beautiful fighting effects to everyone.