• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 55 MB
  • Date Updated: September 9, 2019

Endless Runner is not a new category on the mobile market, and it is currently popular with various products. Understanding the above information, Crazy Labs by TabTale manufacturer has created and developed a unique Endless Runner challenge of their own. Besides the tasks of running, upgrading, and collecting common items. This new game is also prepared with many attractive features and will make everyone surprised. If you regularly explore games on mobile platforms, you will certainly know the popularity of Crazy Labs by TabTale and the addictive games of this manufacturer.

JumanjiEpic Run 2


Jumanji: Epic Run has familiar gameplay but has been prepared with new challenges for everyone to explore compared to games of the same genre. Besides missions and collect many bonuses to achieve outstanding achievements. Players are also allowed to explore many diverse landscapes and collect special characters. Along the way, you are also challenged by a variety of obstacles and using many special skills of the characters.

JumanjiEpic Run 3

Impressive character

Challenges with the same content are also prepared many characters for players to collect. However, these characters often change only in costumes and do not have many highlights for players to explore. Coming to Jumanji: Epic Run for iOS, players have the opportunity to discover four famous characters in Jumanji world. Each character will have a unique skill system for players to use and create many good achievements with high scores. The four characters you can collect and use are Ruby Roundhouse, Doctor Smolder Bravestone, Franklin Finbar, and Professor Shelly Oberon.

Jumanji: Epic Run for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Control skills and quick reflexes

In Jumanji world, Jewel Falcon is a valuable and powerful item. However, it was stolen by evil thieves. If this item were removed from Jumanji, this world would collapse along with the unique cultural features that it holds. To protect Jumanji, you have the task of skillfully controlling your character and overcome many different obstacles to regain Jewel Falcon.

JumanjiEpic Run 4

When participating in the above task, you need to have good control of your character. On the way, there will be many obstacles and pitfalls for you to overcome. To control the character, you need to touch and swipe your hand on the screen of the device. The map system will be standard with three different paths. If you want to change lanes, swipe your finger left or right. Besides obstacles, the manufacturer also prepares a variety of support items for you to use. With these support items, you can move longer and can create many outstanding achievements. Note, the movement speed will increase over time. Therefore, you must quickly grasp the speed of movement of the character and have reasonable control.

JumanjiEpic Run 1

Special skills

As mentioned above, Jumanji: Epic Run is designed with four different characters, and each character will have a unique special skill for players to explore. If you want to unlock and use all four characters above, you will need to accumulate many bonuses. Players can activate each character’s special skills after collecting their special items. These items will appear unexpectedly along the way. And you need to collect them to use. If you want to use special skills longer than usual, you need to upgrade them constantly until the limit is reached.