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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 93 MB
  • Date Updated: January 2, 2019

You love adventure games with impressive challenges and rewards; Jungle Adventures 3 is an interesting choice to explore many fascinating adventure journeys. You will discover and learn many unique stories related to the mysterious forest. Overcoming obstacles and finding rewards at the end of the journey, many pictures and fun activities are waiting for you ahead. Quickly join to experience the most exciting journeys.

jungle adventures 3 1

Adventure in the mysterious world

A tribe called Furry is living peacefully in the vast forests. However bad guys have appeared and kidnapped many members of the tribe. You are responsible for helping Addu character find a way to save the tribe’s members from the wrong hands. You will have to travel over long distances with many pitfalls and obstacles. You will have to help Addu move flexibly to overcome obstacles and return freedom to Furry tribe.

jungle adventures 3 2


Adventure theme always brings many fascinating experiences with many unique challenges. You will have to control the character to run, jump and beat on long distances. Perform character control flexibly to easily overcome obstacles. Players need to pay close attention to find ways to overcome obstacles quickly. If you do not move flexibly, you will fall into the pitfalls or be stopped by obstacles. At that time, you will have to play again and take more time. Therefore, the flexible movement combined with observation attention will help you win.

jungle adventures 3 3

On the way, besides obstacles and pitfalls. You will see there are many different fruits. Collecting these fruits will help you get many impressive scores. Collecting fruit besides crossing obstacles is an exciting experience. The fruits will be arranged in many different locations with the pitfalls around. Therefore, you will have to have a wise plan to overcome the pitfalls and successfully collect fruits. This is a fascinating challenge and requires high concentration if you only focus on collecting fruits and not paying attention to the pitfalls you will have to play again.

Jungle Adventures 3 for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Jungle Adventures 3 for iOS release by Rendered Ideas producer has a beautiful image with many details designed and built vividly. These details are used scientifically to bring more interesting experiences to players. With these impressive details, players will get authentic feelings when being moved in unique forests. The scientifically designed items and interface system make it easy to control and perform flexible actions.

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Jungle Adventures 3 is an outstanding product in adventure-themed games; you will experience the best images and make smooth movements. Images, sound, and gameplay combined in harmony will give you the most authentic and engaging challenges.