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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • Date Updated: December 17, 2018

Jurassic Park is a popular movie with dinosaur-related content, if people love dinosaur related things, then experience Jurassic Tribes. This is a real-time strategy game, built on the world of dinosaurs. You will experience a prehistoric world with lots of action and steaming. The game is produced by 37GAMES, currently available on App Store and Googleplay.

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In Jurassic Tribes APK Mod, you will become a village headman and have the responsibility to protect everyone. You will have to help your tribe grow, build troops and compete with other tribes. You will have to build and develop the tribe in a smart and stable way. You will often have to fight against enemies to protect tribes and resources. In addition to fighting, you also need to build any necessary works. Become a smart leader and help your tribe win all enemies.

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Familiar features

With real-time strategic elements, people will have to calculate carefully before acting. At the beginning of the game, people will be guided to fight and build, gathering resources to get acquainted with the game. After a while you will feel easier, your operations will be faster and easier to control. The system of the game is designed user-friendly. Just touch the screen to perform tasks such as building, summoning and fighting.

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In the context of prehistoric times, in addition to summoning troops from the barracks, you can collect various dinosaurs to fight. With different species of dinosaurs, people will be comfortable collecting and using according to their individual needs. Also, you can upgrade dinosaurs to fight them better and help you win over enemies. Not only did you collect dinosaurs, but you also collected large and beautiful dragons. Grow your tribe, collect as many dragons and dinosaurs as possible to expand your territory, collect resources and fight back against the invaders.

Jurassic Tribes – Armed to the Teeth!

Beautiful graphics

Jurassic Tribes for iOS has great 3D graphics, bringing joy and excitement to the players. The image of the game is designed in a beautiful and friendly animation style. Many lovely pictures with houses, castles, dragons, and dinosaurs, all will give people the feeling of happiness. Colors and interfaces are built and arranged in a way that is easy to see and does not create a sense of boredom.

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Jurassic Tribes is a strategy game, it possesses nice graphics and is friendly. These factors will help people to have a more relaxed and relaxed experience. You will have many fun activities and be connected with many other players. Playing games and making friends will give people a great time. You are ready to make friends and experience a unique prehistoric world, join with your friends to make the game more attractive.