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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 47 MB
  • Date Updated: March 13, 2019

With many shooting games released, there are many players who still love classic shooting games. If you are looking for classic shooting challenges, Killer Bean Unleashed is the best option for you. You will control the character to participate in unique battles. Feel free to fight together and destroy opponents to get the most fun time.

killer bean 2

Impressive design

Killer Bean Unleashed for iOS is built with very lovely images; the characters of the game will be built based on the beans. And you will be involved in fighting in the world of the lovely pea. In particular, these beans have similar movements like humans. Peas can move freely; they can run and jump to fight.

Unique combat mission

You will have to control the main character of the game and confront a large and dangerous enemy force. The game will prepare various missions for you to explore. Each mission is a challenge for you to overcome; you will be asked to destroy the enemies that appear in the mission. Requests will be displayed on the right side of the device screen.

killer bean 3

When dealing with a large number of enemies, you need to pay attention to avoid enemy attacks. The producer will prepare you for two hearts in each mission; each heart is your turn. If you lose both hearts, you will fail, and you have to redo it from the beginning. On the way; there will be hearts that appear randomly. Try to collect these hearts to receive more turns and continue to participate in the challenge.

Killer Bean Unleashed for Android/iOS – Gameplay


To control the character and use weapons when fighting, a virtual key system will be prepared in the game. On the right side of the screen, there are two virtual keys for you to use weapons and jump in the air. On the left side of the screen are two virtual keys for you to control the character to move left or right. Also, the device’s left corner will have a virtual key for you to use special weapons.

killer bean 4

With the virtual keys arranged scientifically, you need clever control to move the character and defeat the enemy. When you have to fight a large number of enemies, smart control is a way to get you the easiest victory. If you move badly and can’t avoid an enemy attack, the enemy will quickly defeat you.

Many powerful weapons

As mentioned, you will get a virtual key to use special weapons. When activating this weapon system, all enemies near you will be destroyed. Note, these special weapons need time to recover after each use. So you need to calculate and use special weapons scientifically. Some special weapons you will be using include special bullets, grenades, laser guns and many other weapons.

killer bean 5

Why not try playing this game?

Killer Bean Unleashed promises to bring exciting shooting experiences to you. The shooting challenge is never boring. In particular, confronting multiple enemies at the same time will help you improve your reflexes. Join the battle and enjoy the exciting battlefield right on your device.