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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 216 MB
  • Date Updated: August 23, 2018

The Battle Royale survival games are very popular in the market recently. Developers always create unique style games to attract players. Besides popular survival games like PUBG Mobile and Rules of survival. New, new-style survival games have also been released in recent times. In it, King of Crabs released by Robot Squid has received a lot of love from players around the globe. You will be engaged in unique survival battles in this game, you defeat all the other players and become the strongest. Can you do it?

king of crabs 2

Fun gameplay

In King of Crabs for iOS, players will be able to go to a coastal area with many different crabs. Of course, you will become a crab in this game. You will have to fight with other players around the globe to become the longest surviving. The gameplay is very simple; players will not need any guidance to participate in this game. Initially, the player will be presented at a random location on the map of the game. You will control your crabs to defeat other crabs to become stronger. In particular, you will have to eat the weaker crabs to become bigger. With a larger body, you will gain a lot more power and defeat the strongest opponents easily. Players will touch the screen of the device to control the direction of movement for his character. You do touching other animals to control your character’s attacks. Each character will have two status bars that are health and strength. You need to pay attention to these two status bars to defeat the opponent quickly.

king of crabs 3

The fight will end when your character is defeated by other players. However, the game offers players five survival points. You can use survival points to revive your character; you can continue to participate in the fight to survive in the game. After completing the battle, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement you achieved. You can use the bonus to unlock other characters in the game’s store. With new characters, you will have more exciting experiences when participating in the next battle.

King of Crabs for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Real photos

King of Crabs Mod Money is a highly entertaining survival game. However, Robot Squid has given the player a nice 3D graphics design. Players will feel like being involved in a life-like battle in real life. The characters and environments in the game are described as being realistic. Also, the sound of the attackers is also very cruel. You will feel the fascinating battle in this game with beautiful graphics and dynamic sound that it brings.

king of crabs 1


Overall, King of Crabs gives players the unique battles. You will be engaged in life-like battles simulated in nature. Sure, you will enjoy the unique gameplay of this game and want to experience it right away. The game is in the beta stage, so please contribute your feedback to the developer so that the game can be completed in the official version. Can you become the king of the crabs?