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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 655 MB
  • Date Updated: August 27, 2018

Recently, NetEase has launched their latest survival game called King Of Hunters. After the huge success of Rules Of Survival around the world, NetEase has launched many other survival games. This publisher always tries to fill in the gaps in survival games. Therefore, we have been experiencing unique survival games. King Of Hunters for iOS will bring players a whole new experience; you will have to fight with other players and become the last survivor. With unique gameplay and beautiful graphics, you will love this game from the very first look.

king of hunters 2

New survival game

Unlike other survival games on the market today, the game takes players to a mysterious world. Here, you will become an ancient warrior. You will have to destroy all the other players on the map of the game to become the last survivor. In battle, players will have to control their character moving around the map of the game to collect items. These items will give the player a higher chance of surviving, so you need to collect a lot of items to gain a bigger advantage over other players. On the map of the game, there will be 40 other players, who will search and knock you down at any time. Therefore, you will need to look for other players and defeat them before they do the same thing to you. Your character will possess three special skills, so use your character skills most effectively to destroy other players quickly.

king of hunters 2

Also, the game features a safe area similar to traditional survival games. This feature forces players to move to safe areas on the map of the game and search for other players. The battle will end when only one player remains on the map of the game. If you want to experience this game with your friends, you can join the Dual Player mode for a more enjoyable experience.

King Of Hunters for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The survival games all have very realistic and beautiful graphic designs. King Of Hunters APK Mod also gives players a simple and unique graphic design. You will control your character with a view from above, which is quite a new feature for many players. You will easily see a small area on the map of the game and search for other players. The visual quality of this game is only rated at average; the manufacturer will optimize the graphic design of the game in the next version for the player to have the best gaming experience.

king of hunters 3


If you are looking for a new survival game, King Of Hunters will be a great choice. The gameplay is completely different from the other survival games, the new control of the game will also make the player feel interested. Right now, you can download the game through our link.