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  • Date Updated: May 17, 2019

King of Kings – A completely new and impressive role-playing product of ZLOONG. This is an exciting world with many races and extraordinary powers for you to explore. Similar to other role-playing games, you will enjoy many fascinating characters and adventures and be faced with many dangerous enemies. Besides, the social system of the game is well built and makes it easy for you to get to know many others. Join your friends to enjoy beautiful battles and share precious rewards.

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The strong are the survivors

King of Kings for iOS world is a very harsh world; you will have to compete with many others to become the strongest. To do that, you need to overcome many different challenges and get good fighting skills. Journey to become strong will be very difficult and requires you to have more time to participate in the challenge. Did you prepare well to participate in the upcoming fierce battle? Monsters and other players will get in your way, destroy all enemies and become the only ruler.

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Unique characters and powers

Come to this game; you will love it and feel surprised. The manufacturer has prepared nine different character classes for you to explore. This is probably the role-playing game that owns the most classes of characters at the moment. With nine character classes and different powers, the battles ahead will be fierce and worth taking part in.

King of Kings for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides nine character classes, the producer also prepares each character class to add three different jobs for you to upgrade and use in battle. From there, you and everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy many different fighting styles. For each character class and jobs, they have their fighting skills. Discover and try to practice to create your fighting styles.

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Battlefields and maps

Besides the impressive character system, King of Kings APK Mod also offers people a battlefield system and large maps. With the battle system, you will enjoy various battles from PVE to PVP. PVE mode allows you to engage in battle with many monsters and the opportunity to collect unique rewards. Monsters and BOSS are built in a variety of different maps. In particular, destroying high-end BOSS will require you to create groups to fight. High-level BOSS will possess many special attack skills, and you cannot fight them alone. Create a group or join available groups to conquer the most dangerous dungeons.

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As for the PVP system, you and everyone will be taken to the arena to compete. In the arena, you can participate in group or individual competitions similar to conquering dungeons. Team competition requires you and other players to work well together to destroy the enemy. If you do not move in groups or single attacks, you will be destroyed, and your team will face many disadvantages. When you join PVP, you will get points on the rankings. Therefore, battles at PVP are very stressful, and you must have concentration when experiencing.

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King of Kings is a new MMORPG and will have many special rewards for you to collect. Join now to get many attractive rewards and gain many advantages in the journey to becoming the strongest player. The manufacturer encourages you to experience with your friends to have more fun.