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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: October 5, 2018

People are familiar with the Arcade game category. Arcade games often have simple and straightforward gameplay. Game content is usually short, suitable for people with less time to relax. When it comes to arcade games, people often refer to ZeptoLab producer with such impressive games as Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments, etc. Following the success of its predecessor, ZeptoLab has launched a new product with impressive gameplay, King of Thieves.

king of thieves 1


Join the game you will be playing the character Thieves and the task of stealing the treasure of other players. At the same time, design your treasure box to prevent other players from stealing your treasure. This is a game with simple gameplay but also requires good thinking.

king of thieves 2

Impressive gameplay

You have the task of stealing gold and gem from other players. Steal the gold and gem of many other players; you will become richer. But to secure that wealth, you also need to prepare traps so that other players can not steal your gold and gem. To experience the game, you just need to touch the mobile screen to move characters like running, jumping.

king of thieves 3

King of Thieves for iOS  will have many different levels for you to experience. At the initial levels, you will easily overcome the simple trap. But at harder levels, you will find it difficult to overcome because they are designed with complex traps and monsters. You need to rationalize and move quickly to overcome the obstacles and successfully steal gold and gem. Each level is rated as successful when you spend three or more stars at each level. Reasonable movement adjustments to gain the most stars after each level.

King of Thieves – Steal from dungeons and escape

In addition to stealing treasure from other players. The game also has a special feature called Design Dungeon’s Defense. Here you will be comfortable designing rooms to your treasures with many traps like a saw blade, cannon and monster guard. Regular game updates rank the world. Your treasure is less likely to be stolen by other players, the higher your rank. Design your Dungeon’s Defense to get the highest rating and challenge other players to break your record.

king of thieves 4

Graphics and sound impressive

King of Thieves APK Mod  is built on impressive graphics. The game has high image quality. Game images are designed for all ages. Smooth motion images and carefully selected background details. Game sounds are designed to make the player feel relaxed while playing the game. An easy listening sound helps the player feel relieved when playing at harder levels. And the rational calculation is comfortable to complete the difficulty level.

King of Thieves

Personal feeling

This is the best Arcade Game category today. You will have an enjoyable time playing the game. Fast-paced games help players feel excited and do not want to stop playing games. At the same time, the game also helps develop good thinking, especially suitable for families with children. This is a game you should not miss. Games are available at major app stores, download and relax after hours of hard work.