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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: January 11, 2019

TOPEBOX is a manufacturer that always brings products with attractive content, and their products are developed with many different topics. The products of TOPEBOX are always designed and constantly changed to suit the entertainment needs of people around the world. Specifically, they are known for saying Creative & New. Currently, on Googleplay application there are many products of this company and the game received much attention is King Rivals: War Clash. To experience this game the fastest, you should use the link shared at the end of the article because this game is only released in some countries.

king rivals war 2

Race benefits

King Rivals: War Clash for iOS brings the story of different races living on land. However, these races do not live in peace but often war for rights and territorial division. Four centuries have passed, and the battle has been going on continuously between 4 races including Elf, Human, Orc, and Undead. Battles take place next to the vast forests, various lands and beneath dangerous volcanoes. These forces fought tirelessly to gain the right to dominate all. Join the experience and choose one of four races to fight and gain control of the remaining races.

king rivals war 4

Become the ruler

Built with strategic themes and online competition, the game gives you and every one unique battle. To become familiar with game control, you and everyone will be involved in basic guidelines when experiencing a match. Players will be guided on how to control and collect resources. You will then be guided to build barracks, train troops and summon heroes. On the map, there will be three lines for you to approach the enemy base. To win, you will have to move troops and characters to the enemy’s location and destroy their base. Move troops and characters wisely to quickly destroy the enemy before they can attack you again. Completing the tutorial will help you master the game and be ready to compete with many other players.

king rivals war 3

With an interesting strategic element, King Rivals: War Clash APK Mod will provide you with more than 40 types of soldiers and 40 different characters for everyone to collect while experiencing. You will be allowed to summon and use a variety of soldiers and characters when experiencing. The diverse system of characters and troops will bring about more interesting competition. Besides using soldiers and characters, you will have to take part in upgrading characters and soldiers. These upgrades are important to the strategy genre; you need a strong army to win. And to create a strong army, you will have to conduct regular military upgrades. Using a wise strategy when fighting and upgrading troops regularly is an opportunity to win.

king rivals war 1

Are you ready to experience?

Be well prepared to participate in intense battles between four different races and get ready for exciting 3 vs 3 battles. King Rivals: War Clash with many outstanding features will make strategic elements and online competition more addictive. Beautiful 3D graphics and impressive image details will make you love this game.