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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: November 3, 2018

Kingdom Alive is a new role-playing game released recently; the game was released by Mobirix producer. This is a brand new product, so the game is well prepared from graphics to sound and gameplay. The game is set to make a big hit in 2018 with beautiful images and interesting content. You can download games from App Store and GooglePlay for the unique experience.

kingdom alive offense rpg 2

Beautiful graphics

The game has unique 2D graphics, the shape of the character in the game is designed under the category of anime is very beautiful and outstanding. Look through the picture quality of the game you will feel excited and do not want to stop playing the game. The game’s friendly interface and flexible animation will help you to experience the game more fun. The sharp and smooth image of the game is what makes the game a great success.

kingdom alive offense rpg 3

Role-playing game

In the game you will become the commander of an explorer team, your team gathers the best characters from the kingdom Victor. Your adventure team has the mission and responsibility to conquer Pandora mysterious land that is little known. Collect 9 of the best characters in the kingdom and join the dangerous but exciting adventure in the game. Explore new lands in the game with dangerous enemies you can not imagine. Complete the required tasks in the game and collect the most impressive achievements. Experience the game and create your impressive adventures.

kingdom alive offense rpg 4

Classic Fighting

Kingdom Alive APK Mod has very simple and classic gameplay; you are supposed to protect your base and destroy the enemy base. Gather the power of 9 characters, destroy the enemy base quickly and win the game easily. The game has many levels for you and everyone to experience, the game will be easy at the initial level. However, the difficulty of the game will increase with each level, at harder levels. You will face more powerful and dangerous enemies, destroy all enemies to complete the task given by the game. To fight the strong and dangerous enemies you need to upgrade your squad; it is essential to build a strong team and win the game. Upgrading character skills, finding badges and equipping rare items for your character will give you many advantages over enemies.

kingdom alive offense rpg 5

Diverse features

The game is designed with different features to help players feel more excited. These features will give you a better gaming experience, featuring: 7 Days of Adventure, exciting matches, adventure, property research, black market, smithy, etc. It has its advantages, such as buying items needed in combat, upgrading weapons, etc.

kingdom alive offense rpg 1

You will love this game

Diverse content and tactical elements in the game will make you excited. Want to experience a game with a variety of content, Kingdom Alive is the best choice for you. Enjoying the game with your friends and exploring the impressive things in the game will make you happier. Download the fastest free game with the share link at the bottom of the article.