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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $1.99
  • File size: 230 MB
  • Date Updated: April 22, 2019

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – The most addictive tactical challenge today. This is the 2nd version of the famous strategy game series of Ironhide Game Studio. Kingdom Rush is a very familiar game; it has been widely released on the PC platform and has now been released on the mobile platform. Compared to the first version, this second version has been prepared for a better and more vivid image system. The movements of the character and the weapon system are also newly designed. From there, bring a lot of fun experiences for everyone. To enjoy this unique 2nd version, please use the sharing link at the end of the article.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 2

Familiar defense game

With a diverse defense tower system and an attractive strategic element, Kingdom Rush Frontiers for iOS will make you experience it constantly. You have the task of building defensive towers to prevent the invasion of monsters and their allies. To prevent an enemy, your defense system needs to be scientifically arranged and deal a lot of damage. Besides, the number of enemies is overwhelming, and you need to observe the battlefield carefully and accurately to quickly change strategies in combat.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 3

Many game modes

Coming to the defense challenges, you will experience three separate battle modes for each level. Three modes of battle you are allowed to explore include Easy, Normal and Hard. In each level, monsters will attack you in waves, and each battle mode will bring up different monsters. The harder the mode is, the more massive and dangerous monsters are.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 4

Also, each level will be prepared by the manufacturer with a separate map system with many different paths. Next, to each path there will be positions that allow you to build defensive towers. There are many types of defense towers with their strengths. Therefore, you need to build many types of towers at once to create a diverse and powerful defense system.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In addition to intelligent combat, you must also upgrade the power of the defense towers. When you finish each level, the game will provide bonus points for you to use and upgrade defensive towers. So you need to complete the levels in the best way to collect more bonus points and upgrade the power of the defense towers.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 5

Some interesting elements

To help battle more interesting, players are also allowed to use special combat skills from heroes. The game has been designed with a variety of different heroes and unique fighting skills. When using heroes in each level, you will get some good advantages over a large number of enemies. In battle, your hero destroys many monsters and gains more experience points and levels. After the hero is leveled up, you can upgrade and use the new combat skills of the heroes at the next level.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1


Kingdom Rush Frontiers will not disappoint you, a series of exciting strategy and defense challenges are waiting for you ahead. Many enemies and complex levels will bring more fun entertainment time. Also, you can buy some in-game items with real money or watch promotional videos to unlock new heroes.