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For players who love strategy challenges and defensive towers, Ironhide Game Studio manufacturer is a familiar name and brings a lot of addictive experiences. They are also very popular with Kingdom Rush series, which is developed with different versions and compelling storylines for everyone to explore. Recently, the latest version of Kingdom Rush series was released as Kingdom Rush Vengeance. This new version is prepared with sharper image quality and more crazy challenges.

kingdom rush vengeance 2


In previous versions, you will be on the side of humanity and wage war against evil monsters or witches. In this new version, you are tasked with helping the dark witch Vez’nan and invading the human kingdom. The witch Vez’nan was defeated in the great war hundreds of years ago and is now back to take revenge on the human race. You are tasked with commanding an army of monsters and powerful dark elf to overcome many strong strongholds of humankind.

kingdom rush vengeance 3

Many types of defensive towers and attractive maps

Compared to the previous three versions, Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK Mod is prepared with a better and more diverse defense tower system. More than 15 types of defense towers with many different powers are waiting for you ahead. Build and use defensive towers wisely that will help you defeat the enemy. Each defense tower will correspond to a specific power for you to use. The defense and power system of each defensive tower will vary. Therefore, you need to have many plans to build and arrange defensive towers scientifically.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Conquer the Kingdom!

Besides the number of diverse and powerful defense towers, the game also brings many battle maps with different paths to test your buildability. With a large number of enemies and many different paths, your defense towers need to be properly arranged and upgraded. If you build and don’t upgrade properly, defense towers will not generate much damage. From there, enemies can easily overcome the defense system and defeat you.

Heroes and dangerous opponents

In addition to the powerful defense towers, you can also explore nine different heroes, and they have a mission to help you fight the enemy. Each character will be prepared with special combat skills and special powers. When participating in the battle, characters will receive experience points to level up, and you can upgrade your combat skills for the character. The more battles you join, the faster your character will level up.

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In addition to the nine characters above, some special levels of the game prepare BOSS for you to fight. BOSS will appear on different levels, and they all possess great power and HP. You need to focus a lot of damage to defeat the BOSS. Besides, humanity has 35 different types of soldiers to overcome your defenses system. Each type of soldier has its characteristics, some units can move fast, or some units have high defenses and many other powers.

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After the success of previous versions, Kingdom Rush Vengeance promises to bring more unique challenges for everyone to relax. With dozens of unique upgrades of defensive towers and dangerous enemies will bring players thrilling emotions. In particular, this version will be more complex than the old version, and you will get many exciting battles for entertainment. Create your strategies and successfully conquer the levels of the game.