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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 9.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 19, 2019

King’s Raid – Global addictive role-playing game at present. With over 5 million downloads and thousands of players from 69 different countries. This is an RPG challenge that you must explore right now. The game has a great image quality along with beautiful fighting styles that will surely make you satisfied. With RPG style, players have the opportunity to explore interesting places and fight a series of crazy monsters. To enjoy this fascinating game and share it with friends, please use our link to download it more easily.

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King’s Raid APK Mod was developed in the medieval context, and this world possesses a lot of mysterious magical powers. Besides supernatural powers, humans also face many dangerous monsters from many different lands. After a long period of peace, the human kingdom is in danger of extinction. A large number of monsters and evil enemies from ancient times are gathering. They are plotting to attack and invade the human kingdoms. To protect humanity, heroes are summoned, and you are responsible for leading these special people in this great war.

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Fight in groups and strategies

In the upcoming great war, you must recruit heroes into your group and help them win the enemy. There are over 70 different characters and seven character classes for you to enjoy. The game allows you to use up to 4 members in a group, and each member will have their roles and positions in the group. In a battle group, you need to select and use the characters properly in 3 different locations. These locations include Front, Middle, and Back. From the three basic positions above, you must build a good fighting group to defeat the monsters. In particular, the strength of each character in the group needs to be balanced. If the fighting power of the party members is not balanced, it will take you a long time to complete the mission and be easily defeated by the enemy.

King’s Raid for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Character classes

As mentioned above, you have the opportunity to explore seven individual character classes, and each character class possesses different powers to create a logical battle group. Character classes include Archer, Warrior, Mechanic, Knight, etc. From the above classes, you need to arrange a battle formation wisely to maximize the power of each character. Character classes with high defense abilities such as Knight or Warrior need to be arranged at the Front position. And characters with long-range attacks like Archer or Wizard will be located at Middle and Back.

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Upgrade and fight

To win and defeat the monsters, the player needs to upgrade the equipment for the character. Collecting items and upgrading characters needs to be scientifically calculated because you need a lot of time and money to complete. To get more bonuses, you need to fight regularly with monsters in many different locations. The power of monsters is divided into several levels. The higher the level, the stronger the monster and possesses more dangerous combat skills. When fighting, characters will automatically attack, and each character has a maximum of 3 combat skills. Combat skills need to use energy to activate. Therefore, players must acquire clever strategies when fighting. Calculating the duration of each character’s energy accumulation and activating combat skills in a reasonable time is the key to winning.