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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 49 MB
  • Date Updated: March 23, 2019

In the past, Ketchapp producer has received a lot of good reviews from many users around the world. Their products always provide attractive entertainment challenges for everyone. These games are very easy to experience, and everyone can easily participate without any instructions. After the success of Knife Hit, Ketchapp has continued to release a new game with similar content. However, this new game has been changed with lots of details and brings many unique images when you experience it; it’s called Knife vs Balls. Instead of challenges throwing knives at wooden targets, you will be challenged with different balls.

knife vs balls 3

New challenge

When entering the game, the player will feel almost the same as Knife Hit. However, this new game has been prepared with many unique challenges that bring you more new experiences. You have the task to destroy the moving balls around your knife. This task is very simple and just touch the screen to throw knives at moving balls to destroy them and complete the challenge.

knife vs balls 2

Interesting interface

System interface of the game is designed very simply and similar to a classic clock. A knife will be in the centre of a circle and move in a counter-clockwise direction. And on the circle are the balls moving in a clockwise direction. All targets are moving, and you need to make accurate throws to complete the challenge.

Knife vs Balls for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, underneath your knife will be displayed three black knives with small size. These three knives correspond to your three turns. Each time you miss the target, you will lose a knife. And after losing these three knives, you will have to play again from the beginning to accumulate new scores.

knife vs balls 4

Become the best player

Knife vs Balls for iOS presents challenges with each stage, and you must complete each stage to experience the next challenge. Each stage will give you a different number of targets for you to destroy. The stage is more difficult; the number of balls will be more and move faster. Each destroyed ball will help you get a certain score. If you destroy three balls in a row, you will get special effects with beautiful colours. And every destroyed ball while maintaining this effect will help you get more high scores.

knife vs balls 5

If you destroy a lot of balls continuously, this special effect remains constant, and you have the opportunity to create better results. However, when you have special effects and miss the target, the effects will be removed. At the end of each stage, you can also take part in challenges with special targets like watches, oranges and more. More than 30 different special targets are waiting for you ahead. These special goals have very complex movements and create many difficulties for you. If you complete the destruction of these goals, you have the opportunity to receive more bonuses.

With the bonuses accumulated after destroying special targets, you have the opportunity to use a variety of new knives. More than 60 unique styles of knives are waiting for you to use in the upcoming challenges. Collect new types of knives and make your experience more enjoyable. Variety of beautiful and diverse knives will help you focus when you join the challenge and get better scores.

knife vs balls 1


Knife vs Balls with addictive gameplay and lots of exciting moves will make you love. The game will bring a lot of fun experiences and competition when you share it with friends. Compete with your friends and create new scores that will help you have fun.