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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 1.1 GB
  • Date Updated: January 25, 2019

Langrisser – The fascinating story of the journey to find Legendary Sword, discover right now to experience dangerous adventures to possess legendary weapons and ensure peace for the world. A JRPG game from ZlongGames producer, you will experience exciting turn-based battles. Conquer new lands and discover unique stories around each character of the game. Use the link at the end of the article to participate in many exciting adventure journeys right now.

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If you are a fan of online games, then you certainly will not ignore products from Japan. Langrisser for iOS brings a fascinating story related to El Sallia continent; you have the task of overcoming many dangers to save this land from destruction. Confront many traps and a series of dangerous enemies to protect the people of the continent El Sallia. Discover fairy tales and characters related to Legendary Sword. Use your smart strategy building ability to compete with many players across the globe.

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Fascinating fighting

This game is designed according to familiar Japanese gameplay. You will enjoy attractive turn-based battles against your enemies. With turn-based elements, players have the opportunity to experience the most intense battles. Analyze the enemy and predict their intentions to come up with many logical strategies. Take advantage of the terrain in each map to create many advantages for yourself when fighting.

Langrisser – Legendary Strategic JRPG

You have the task of building a group with many characters; each character is a story and different lands. You must gather the characters into a strong fighting group to protect El Sallia continent. In particular, with diverse characters, you also have the opportunity to explore a variety of unique upgrades. Each character of the game will be designed with separate upgrade systems. With these unique upgrade systems, you will experience many unexpected changes. Upgrade characters in your style. Create scientific strategies when fighting the impressive power of your character.

Real-time competition

In addition to diverse tasks according to the game’s fascinating plot system, players have the opportunity to participate in the fierce PVP mode. Besides fighting and collecting the rewards of the main quest, you will participate in online battles to compete with many others. PVP mode is an interesting activity that everyone must attend. This mode brings many unique challenges and creates many exciting battles. You should join this regime regularly to compete with people and get many impressive achievements.

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Images and sounds

Langrisser APK Mod is built in a beautiful anime style, a famous Japanese cultural style. Enjoy the fascinating challenges along with many lovely characters. Each character is designed with many beautiful costumes. When experiencing the game, players will enjoy an excellent work of art right on their device. Besides beautiful graphics are unique background music pieces carefully built. Noriyuki Iwadare composer has prepared an addictive sound system. The music is arranged and used very reasonably to bring fun to the players. Besides, the characters who are voiced by many celebrities help the experience more exciting.

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Langrisser will bring exciting battles and competition. Discover the journey of the powerful heroes of the game and enjoy many good stories. Excellent preparation with gameplay, sound, and graphics will make you satisfied. Online battle and competition opportunities will bring more true feelings to players.