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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 40 MB
  • Date Updated: September 16, 2019

Coming to Leaf Blower 3D, players will enjoy many simple but fun tasks of VOODOO producer. Although designed and developed based on everyone’s daily lawn mowing work, this game still offers many fascinating challenges for you to conquer. Besides, it possesses a unique feature that is to have a rich and vivid color system. Each challenge will give players many different colors to explore. From there, people will not be bored and can participate in continuous challenges.

Leaf Blower 3D 1


Mowing is a common task in the daily life of every family. To ensure a comfortable living space, everyone needs to make sure their garden has a clean landscape and does not disturb the neighbors. From these simple details, VOODOO producer has built a unique but familiar gameplay system for people to release stress after a period of hard work.

Leaf Blower 3D 2


Leaf Blower 3D for iOS offers a simple task. You will have to control Blower skillfully and constantly move on the map of the game to cut the grass and clean the surrounding space. Your mowing mission will be designed according to its levels (more than 100 levels), and each level will be prepared for each wave.

Leaf Blower 3D – Blow Them All Away !

In particular, your mission will take place on many different maps, and each map will have its shape for you to move. Designing maps with different shapes will bring new challenges for players and require them to have intelligent controls to complete the task quickly.

Leaf Blower 3D 3

To control blower, players only have to perform many different one-touch operations on the screen of the device. When participating in the challenge, blower will automatically operate, and you need to move the blower carefully to clean the map. The blower will operate at high speed and to reduce the speed when necessary, you just have to keep your hand on the screen. If you want to move Blower, you need to drag to aim and choose the direction you want to move.

The level system and the beautiful blower

As mentioned above, Leaf Blower 3D will give people many levels to complete. Therefore, players will have to overcome many different levels to be able to conquer the game. With simple content, the manufacturer also designed many complex map systems in each level to challenge the intelligent control of the player.

Each map will have different paths, and you need to watch carefully during the move to be able to complete the task quickly. The initial levels will own simple maps, and you can easily complete them in a short time. However, the higher levels will be prepared with complex maps with many different paths for you to move.

Leaf Blower 3D 4

In addition to mowing the lawn and cleaning the map, the manufacturer offers various types of blower for you to use. Each blower will have its unique color and design for you to collect. To be able to collect new Blowers, you need to complete many levels and collect the gems that appear on the map.