• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: July 3, 2019

In the trend of designing and publishing console games on mobile platforms, SEGA CORPORATION is a manufacturer that receives much attention from people. They are a world-renowned producer of many console games and have a large community of players besides the redesign of console games for mobile platforms. The manufacturer has also developed new products for mobile platforms such as SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER or SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI D

league of wonderland 2

In addition to management and role-playing challenges, they also bring addictive strategic challenges through LEAGUE OF WONDERLAND. Their new game will give everyone unique strategic challenges. In particular, battles will take place for a short time (2 minutes). Therefore, you and other players need quick thinking to be able to defeat your opponents.


With the strategic element, LEAGUE OF WONDERLAND for iOS¬†will bring exciting 1 vs 1 battle. You will be arranged to compete with different opponents in many matches. Your mission is to destroy the opponent’s towers in the time allowed to win. Each match will take place in 2 minutes, and you need wise strategies to finish the enemy. Or during the required time, you have to create more damage than your opponent. Strategic challenges, in short times, require players to focus and make accurate judgments. If the reaction is slow, your towers will be destroyed, and you will lose.

LEAGUE OF WONDERLAND for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Discover the game and become the best

Your battle map and everyone will be prepared like a football field. You and your opponents will be provided with three different towers. In it, you must safely protect the tower in the center to win. The protection of the central tower will also be better than the other two towers. However, you are not allowed to be subjective. Use various defense and attack plans to fight enemies.

league of wonderland 3

During the competition, you will have to summon heroes and soldiers to fight. And each match allows you to carry eight different types of characters and soldiers. Each character will be summoned by energy, and this energy takes time to recover. Therefore, you need to summon characters reasonably to gain many advantages before the enemies. In particular, each character will have their attack skills, and you can activate them with Draw Shot operations. Activating special attack skills will help you quickly destroy enemy troops and reach their towers.

league of wonderland 4

Besides fighting and winning, the task of collecting characters and upgrading them is also important. Characters and soldiers will appear as cards. Therefore, you must collect the same cards to enhance the strength of your army. The military upgrade should be conducted in parallel with the PVP battles. Completing each match will allow you to collect and upgrade characters.

league of wonderland 1

Great graphics

LEAGUE OF WONDERLAND has excellent 3D graphics and attractive anime-style characters. The interface of the game is well appreciated and provides easy manipulation for users. Besides, the combat effects also help players feel more excited and happy. Enabling special attack skills also brings new videos and perspectives to help players get more beautiful images to relax.