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  • Date Updated: June 9, 2019

For those who love the creativity of buildings, LEGO is a familiar game that is of interest to people around the world. This game is associated with many generations’ childhood, and each has its memories. From the success outside reality, NimbleBit LLC producer has released LEGO Tower. Coming to this new game, you will be relived with many memories of your childhood. You and everyone will be involved in fascinating building challenges. From there, you can own many beautiful buildings for your own in many different styles.

lego tower 2

Discover new challenges

LEGO Tower APK Mod will provide people with impressive management and construction challenges. You will become a boss and own many beautiful buildings of your own. Besides owning different buildings, you have the task of building and developing your building. To grow, you need to expand and build new levels. On each floor, you have to trade or rent in many different functions to get more profit. The gameplay of this game is very simple, and there will be some basic guidelines to help you get used to it quickly.

lego tower 3


With the responsibility of a manager, you will have different plans to develop your building. Each floor that you build successfully will be used according to different functions. After the construction is completed, you will let people hire your project for many different purposes. The expansion and construction of new floors require many different materials to complete. In addition to leasing new construction floors, you must also hire support staff to maintain a stable operation for the building.

LEGO Tower for Android/iOS – Gameplay

For people to care about your building, players need to ensure the best customer care services. Customers who are comfortable with the services in your building will help you get a stable profit. With good and stable financial capacity, you have the opportunity to expand and build new floors for your home. Construction will be developed constantly, and you can create high-rise buildings.


In addition to management and construction tasks, players can interact with partners around the building that is owned to develop the business. The interaction is simple; you just need to search and make friends with other players. Interaction with many other players will help the business to be developed. And you can exchange the necessary goods to build your building.

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Beautiful and sharp graphics

LEGO Tower has a high-quality image system with lots of lovely image details. The game is carefully prepared with many unique image details to create comfort for the player. From there, help them experience continuously without feeling bored. With familiar and easy-to-see images, this game is suitable for all ages.