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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 88 MB
  • Date Updated: August 2, 2018

Light Chaser is a recently released MMORPG by EYOUGAME (USS). Immediately, this game has received a lot of fan favourites around the world for its unique graphics system. Players will be involved in a mysterious world; they fight to destroy evil and bring peace to this world.

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The world of Light Chaser for Android is a world filled with mystery. After a decade of domination by the lord of darkness, the human race in this world has received so much suffering from the forces of darkness. They destroy big cities and bring fear to those who dare to fight them. Thus, the young heroes made a challenging journey to defeat the dark lord. Can they destroy evil forever and bring lasting peace to this world?

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Unique gameplay

Like other MMORPGs on the market today, you will be able to choose which character you want to control. The game offers players three different character classes to choose from Warrior, Dark Shadow, and Knight. Each character has different skills and weapons, so players need to select the character that best fits their combat style and participate in the journey. Initially, the game will guide players how to control the character and use the basic features of the game. They will not take too much time to get used to this game after they have completed the game’s tutorial mode.

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The game offers players a lot of different tasks; you will have to complete the tasks that the game offers to be able to become stronger. The tasks in the game will require players to do a lot of different tasks such as destroy monsters, escort important characters, collect items … You can receive tasks from the NPC of the game quickly.

Light Chaser (Android iOS APK) – MMORPG Gameplay

An MMORPG will not lack in basic features such as Guild, Arena … You can join a guild with other players and participate in major events of the game. The arena is a feature that many players expect, which allows them to compete with other players around the globe. Good players will get their names on the rankings and get lots of exciting rewards coming from the game.

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Graphics and sound

A unique system, the manufacturer, has used Unreal Engine 4 technology to bring the most attractive battle for players. The skill effects of the game are displayed very nice and clear on the screen of the device. With a 7.1 sound system, players will experience the most honest battles that the game brings.

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Light Chaser will be one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in 2018. The game features a fascinating storyline and impressive graphics system. You will have a unique experience when participating in the battle in this game.