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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 78 MB
  • Date Updated: July 14, 2019

The mobile game market currently owns many unique and diverse products. Besides, the number of manufacturers is also growing constantly. For lovers of mobile games today, tastypill is a famous and familiar name for everyone. This manufacturer has released many different games on both popular platforms iOS and Android. The number of games they released on App Store and Googleplay is also very diverse.

Line Color 2

In recent times, tastypill is receiving much attention from users of iOS platform. Because they designed and released a unique game for everyone, this game is called Line Color and now has millions of downloads. If you’re feeling bored and haven’t found any interesting challenges for your iOS device? This game is an attractive option and worth exploring at the moment.

Line Color 3


Similar to the current trend of developing simple content challenges, Line Color APK Mod is built with gentle and suitable gameplay for many different ages. Besides, it has a friendly control system, and people can easily experience it with one hand.

Line Color for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Attractive features

Your task is to use brushes provided by the manufacturer to color the designated paths. Each of your missions corresponds to a level that the game offers. And each level will provide a brush with different colors for you to use. Your paths are prepared in a white tone, and you need to use brushes to color these white segments to reach the required position.

Line Color 4

Also, there are many obstacles to these paths, and these obstacles can move continuously. So you need to cleverly move and avoid these obstacles to complete the mission. If you collide with obstacles that appear on the way, the mission will fail. To move continuously and avoid obstacles, players need to touch and hold their hands on the screen to move. When you encounter obstacles, simply release your hand from the screen to stop moving. Then you need to choose the right time to overcome these obstacles.

The number of obstacles that appear on the way and the distance traveled in each level increases with the difficulty of the level. The higher the level, the more obstacles you will encounter, and the distance you need to move to complete the mission as far. Therefore, you need to cleverly coordinate the observation and control of brushes carefully to complete the level. Hundreds of levels and interesting paths are waiting for you to pass ahead.

Line Color 1


With the interesting content and simple control of Line Color, players will not need much time and have to perform complicated operations to get more fun. The simplicity of gameplay and built with beautiful colors helps the game bring more excitement to everyone.