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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 2, 2019

With the development of society and the fact that the majority of young children have early access to smart electronic tools or devices. Many manufacturers have focused on developing and building different unique games to meet the needs of the market. The number of children who have early access to mobile devices is increasing and popular in many developed countries. Therefore, it is important to ensure a healthy and appropriate information system suitable for young children. Since then, games developed specifically to suit young children are being sought and widely used by many.

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In it, BabyBus Kids Game is a producer currently receiving much attention from everyone. This manufacturer always brings good quality products and content suitable for young children. Little Panda Policeman is one of their many unique products, and it now has millions of downloads from online app stores.


Little Panda Policeman for iOS is built and designed with simple challenges to match the growing thinking of young children. With the use of lovely images of pandas. The game will give young children more entertaining images suitable for their age and help children love animals more.

Little Panda Policeman for Android/iOS – Gameplay

When participating in the experience, young children will become an exemplary cop in the city. And the child is responsible for helping different characters to complete the challenge. Each task completed will help young children receive medals and attractive rewards.

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Friendly gameplay

After becoming an exemplary police officer of the city, you will receive many different calls from citizens, and they need your help right now. Therefore, you can participate in various challenges, such as controlling traffic order or helping people find lost objects. In general, the number of tasks and requirements is relatively easy to understand. Completing these challenges, young children can acquire new knowledge and help them develop their thinking in the best way.

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All tasks and related information are carefully built to bring appropriate images to young children. Therefore, parents can rest assured that children can enjoy the game alone. With information control and careful design with many different details, the manufacturer makes sure that there is no bad and malicious information that can affect the thinking of children. Images like violence or horror will definitely not appear in this game.

In addition to bringing appropriate images to young children, the challenges of the game also allow parents to entertain young children when they have free time. With a lovely and pleasant image system, relaxing with small children will help parents relieve some stress from daily life and busywork.

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Little Panda Policeman possesses attractive and safe gameplay. In addition to providing useful information for children, the game also helps you acquire many good lessons such as joining the traffic to comply with the rules. Or protect personal property, love animals, …