In life is always dangerous, to ensure the safety of everyone is the work of the police force. At present, the police are responsible for protecting us from the dangers of social evils. The task of maintaining a city is always high risk, but it is an honor to be part of the police force. In Little Singham you become an officer and are responsible for protecting everyone, going through the dangers you will bring peace to the people and the people around you.

Little Singham 1


Little Singham for iOS is a story about a police officer. Around the capture of dangerous criminals Shaitan Shambala. This is a dangerous boss who escaped with his accomplices. An outlaw, Shambala is a danger to society. He participated in the robbery, selling banned goods and killing people. You will become a police officer who is responsible for protecting the people but to do that you have to find and catch the criminal Shaitan Shambala.

Little Singham 2


This is a game in the style of Endless Runner, you become a police officer and pursue the criminal Shaitan Shambala. As with other games like Temple Run, you have to run to complete the mission. The mission of the player is to move constantly to help the character avoid obstacles along the way by using a simple console. On the run, there are many obstacles, and you have to avoid them if you do not want to finish an early game. With obstacles that appear simple, easy to avoid and appear less, you can easily overcome them. But in the middle of the game, the obstacles appear more, more difficult to avoid or you cannot avoid when obstacles appear. Obstacles that you need to avoid on the road are cars, motorcycles, signage, and associates of Shaitan Shambala.

Little Singham – for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Little Singham APK Mod not only runs away from obstacles but also uses items on the way. In the middle of the game, you move fast and gradually increase as you run away but do not worry, you move fast will have items appear and support. When encountering obstacles, you will pick up the shield to destroy obstacles. To deal with the accomplices of Shaitan Shambala, you find armor or missiles. The same kind of game, when you run collect gold coins on the run. These gold coins are equal to the number of points you get on a difficulty level, so you can use the support items to get higher scores. High scores help players achieve the best results in the game, and that is the victory.

Little Singham 5


Little Singham will be a great game for those who want to protect the peace. Want to be a police officer? Try the fun game released by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd company. You can experience this game anytime. The game also has a variety of quests to explore. If you are interested in this game, then you can explore it through our link.