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  • Date Updated: June 1, 2019

Los Angeles is a developed city in America; this city is famous for the bustle and lavish life of the rich. Besides the development of the city, it also contains many different dangers from street criminals. In addition to street criminals, the city has many gangs operating in the underworld. Do you want to explore the underground of criminal organizations in Los Angeles? Discover Los Angeles Crimes to learn the activities of many criminal organizations in a big city. Currently, the game is released by RAIN CITY STUDIO producer and has hundreds of thousands of downloads.

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Los Angeles Crimes APK Mod¬†will bring you fascinating stories of the underworld and fierce competition among criminal organizations. You will become a dangerous gangster, and your goal is to create your organization. To do this, you have to compete with many other criminal organizations in the city. You need to beat your competitors or make them work for you. A series of interesting missions and unique stories are waiting for you to experience. Create your criminal empire and don’t get caught by the police. If you are caught, your organization will be destroyed, and you have to play again from the beginning.

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Defeat the enemy to survive

Competition in the underworld between criminal organizations is intense. Crime organizations will often vie for places to maintain their activities in the city. To create your empire, you need to defeat your opponents and occupy their active locations. It is not easy to occupy between locations to operate, and you need different plans to defeat the enemy. In particular, your enemies will often search and destroy you. So you need to try to move constantly and ensure your safety.

Los Angeles Crimes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In addition to avoiding being killed by criminal organizations, you also need to make sure that you are not arrested by the police for illegal activities in the city. Like criminal organizations, the city’s police force is very crowded, and they will find your weaknesses to defeat you. When participating in fighting criminal organizations or performing a task, you need to leave these locations quickly before the police appear. If you do not leave that position, the police will quickly attack and arrest you.

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Control system

With the development based on GTA, the game will have fun role-playing elements and a familiar control system for everyone. You will use familiar virtual keys and scientifically arranged on the device’s screen. Moving the character is designed with a virtual key on the left side of the screen. And the virtual keys prepared on the right side of the screen allow you to use many different items. Besides running and jumping, you are also allowed to use of different types of transport.

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A request before experience

Los Angeles Crimes requires your device to be connected to the internet to experience. Connecting to the internet makes it easy to relax with friends or meet other players. To meet the smooth and stable image system of the game, your device needs an operating system from Android 5 or above and owns 512MB of RAM.