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Do you like intelligent and transcendent robots like in the movie Transformers, Terminator? All of them are created from human imagination and gradually become a reality. We know in the 4.0 revolution that artificial intelligence will be the key to our freedom of manual labour. I have heard a saying: “Who holds the source of artificial intelligence, he will hold the destiny of the world.” Many people think that if the robots can learn by themselves and they are more intelligent, will they allow humanity to be free now?

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I think other, robots do not need to do anything human and other creatures are hard to survive. Because most of the creatures on Earth need oxygen to breathe, and robots do not need it, the atmosphere is increasingly polluted, and then the human race will disappear. The game that I will introduce you to in the article below is the result of the story above. A game called Machinarium, released by Amanita Design, is an adventure game.

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In Machinarium Mod APK, the robots have their thoughts, but they can not express emotion, but the robots also have their feelings. You will be playing a robot character named Josef, in his life, have nice robots, kindhearted and also have the evil robot.

Machinarium for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Josef will explore the world around him and learn what he sees every day, gradually Josef’s personality is gradually revealed, he is naughty but brave and kind. He always helps the unfortunate robot and punishes the bad robot. One day, Josef met Berta, and gradually two robots fell in love. When Josef and Berta are living happily together, Berta is robbed by a bunch of bad guys. To rescue Berta, Josef begins his adventurous adventure into the world of evil.

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How to play

Because the game is a puzzle, you will have to find the answer yourself. At first, you may feel unfamiliar; you can go to the forum to ask questions or search for forums on the game to ask people to help.

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Graphics – Sound

Machinarium APK Download uses simple 2D graphics; images are more detailed, colours are overcast makes scary sense. The sound in the game is also designed quite sad and weird, that creates the suspense, fear when you experience the game. Therefore, you must be brave, exploring people to play this type of game.

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The game requires you to spend a lot of time researching and finding the answer. Therefore, not everyone can play this type of game, but once you find the answer yourself, you will love this game immediately. To download and install games on your device, visit the link below.

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