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Every city is growing day by day. But next to the development of the city is the development of criminal gangs. Have you ever thought of becoming the boss of a criminal gang? Would you own a city of your own? Join Mafia City of “YottaGames” and experience the feeling of being the boss of a true “Mafia” gang. In this article, I will help you to understand the interesting things in the game.

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The life of “Mafia”

If you are so familiar with the plot that the leader of a nation is responsible for building the nation and protecting people, the game will bring you a new and exciting experience. You will become the head of a notorious criminal gang. You will take advantage of the growing city to grow your criminal gang. You will be ready to eliminate those who dare to interfere in your work.

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The work of a real boss

Join the game; you are tasked with extending the influence of your criminal gang. For gang development, you need to accumulate a lot of bonuses. To do that you need to build many casinos, restaurants, bars, etc. These places will be a stable source of financing for you. Once you have financially stable, you will be free to develop your criminal gang. At higher levels of difficulty, if you want to build more buildings in the city, you need to upgrade your main house. Make reasonable financial arrangements so that you can upgrade your main home and build new buildings at the same time.

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Seductive girls

The game has an impressive function that you should not ignore. The game will give you a glamorous female secretary to help you develop your criminal gang. The secretary will make reasonable suggestions to help you develop a criminal gang more convenient. In addition to having a seductive secretary, you can also date other attractive girls. By being the boss of a notorious criminal gang, you can comfortably date the sexiest girls you love.

Mafia City: War of Underworld – Enjoy epic real-time battles!

Build up the army

Outside the city, there are many enemies. They will ruin your work. To get rid of the enemy, you need to prepare yourself a strong army. You need to make reasonable calculations to build military buildings and summon soldiers. There will be many enemies to destroy your city; you need to prepare carefully to defeat the enemy as well as attack their city.

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Graphics and sound

Mafia City APK Mod has a smoothly built 3D graphics and it will excite you when participating in the game. Character details in the game are designed strong and charming. This is a game with very high image quality. The layout of the details is very well arranged so that players feel comfortable playing the game. The sound of the game is designed to be impressive and easy to hear. The sound system is “epic” when the battle occurs, and the sound is relaxed when the city is peaceful.

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This is a top-notch strategy game that you should not miss. Mafia City will show you how a gang of criminals works. The game also has images that prohibit children under the age of 16. You will have the opportunity to test your leadership skills. And challenge yourself to other players around the world about your leadership.