Magic Arena: Snow White – If you have been listening to a lot of fairy tales involving princess and queen. You will certainly be familiar with the content in these stories; a beautiful princess will fight against an evil queen. In this game, you will experience many fascinating intellectual challenges along with lots of fun battles. Also, you can enjoy many beautiful images with a series of lovely characters that will appear in the PVE matches of the game. Share with your friends and experience right now to not miss many unexpected challenges along with exciting battles ahead.

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Magic Arena: Snow White for iOS will ask you to take part in the battle against the evil queen’s rule and save the kingdom. To fight against the evil queen, you have to build a private army with the help of many different friends to win. Join the battle and defeat the evil queen’s army at different levels. Discover exciting battles and impressive combinations of fascinating puzzles. You will need a good memory to participate in fighting and defeating enemies.

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Three different game modes.

With many levels and a large number of enemies, you must fight constantly and upgrade your army to win. You are allowed to choose 1 of 3 modes including Easy, Normal or Hard before participating in each level. Choose the modes that suit your ability to experience. Or you can immediately join Hard mode to explore your abilities and enjoy the most intense battles.

Magic Arena: Snow White for Android/iOS – Gameplay

If you are not ready to participate in Hard mode, you can participate in the two remaining modes to get used to the game and practice fighting skills. Each mode will provide a different number of enemies. In it, Easy and Normal will provide a small and normal number of enemies for you to train your fighting abilities. In contrast, Hard mode will prepare enemies with strong fighting skills to defeat you.

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Fascinating fighting and diverse characters

When participating in the battle, you and the enemy will fight in different turns. Each battle will be decided by launching dice. If you roll a dice and achieve big numbers, you will have many advantages before the enemy. Enemies will attack you constantly with different powers. Therefore, you need to build a reasonable battle strategy with the ability to unleash lucky dice to defeat the enemy.

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With the task of building troops and fighting, players have the opportunity to discover and collect many interesting characters. Your army will be built by collecting adorable characters and pets to fight. To defeat the enemy, you need to choose characters and pets that have good fighting ability to use. Also, the factor that helps your army get strong combat ability is regular upgrades. Collect lots of bonuses and meet the requirements of the game to upgrade your army units.


Magic Arena: Snow White is built in beautiful cartoon style and an attractive 3D graphics. With a cartoon-style design, the characters of the game will be prepared with lots of costumes and beautiful details. Also, the pets will be designed very lively with impressive fighting skills.

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With unique PVE battles, you also discover many beautiful battle maps. The battle maps are built with many different details and styles. From there, it brings many interesting visual experiences for everyone. Also, there will be special battle maps for you to confront the BOSS. In general, the game’s image system is very good, and you will enjoy many interesting experiences.