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  • Date Updated: September 24, 2019

In today’s busy life, the time to meet friends and talk together is relatively limited. Therefore, people often choose places that are not too bustling but still bring comfort. Since then, cafes with luxurious space with many attractive menus have been opened to serve the needs of everyone. These cafes require managers to have an excellent mindset to provide a relaxing space for customers. So, do you want to build your cafe with lots of beautiful and pleasant spaces? Discover Manor Cafe, you will be involved in the task of building and managing a cafe of your own. To create a luxurious cafe and bring comfort to everyone, you need to overcome many interesting challenges of the game.

manor cafe 1

Small cafe

In Manor Cafe for iOS, you will inherit a beautiful and large house by the sea. From this inherited home, you have the task of repairing and bringing a new space to the house after years of limited use and not being properly maintained. To be able to renovate and upgrade your house into a luxurious cafe, you need to overcome many different stages. Each stage will bring different tasks for you to perform and complete each mission will help you get a lot of gold. With the accumulated gold money, you can repair and renovate the space in the house according to personal preferences. Note, the challenges that the game offers you are fascinating puzzles of match-3 genre.

Manor Cafe – Tasty design & matching game

Familiar match-3 challenge

When participating in a match-3 challenge, you will have to complete many different requirements of the game. Each challenge will require you to collect many different items, and you will be limited to the number of moves as conventional match-3 challenges. Therefore, you must have the ability to observe and organize smart to complete the task. Completing the match-3 challenge on demand will earn you gold coins, and you can freely upgrade the house in many different architectural styles. Many beautiful and luxurious furniture are waiting for you to explore in the front.

manor cafe 2

In the process of repairing and upgrading your home into a luxurious cafe, you will need smart upgrade plans. Upgrading and repairing a house will require a lot of gold. Therefore, you must use gold appropriately and renovate different areas of the house. If you upgrade and repair science, you can quickly create a luxurious space to serve many customers at once. On the contrary, upgrading and repairing houses without proper planning will make you take a long time to create a luxurious cafe.

manor cafe 4


Besides the compelling content, Manor Cafe is designed with the beautiful visual system and sharp 3D graphics. Besides, using 3D graphics will bring a lot of vivid visual experience to players. Also, beautiful furniture with classic European style will bring comfort to players. From there, players can be confident in themselves to participate in many interesting match-3 challenges and create many fascinating landscapes.