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  • Platforms: Android 4.03 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 127 MB
  • Date Updated: August 20, 2019

Matchington Mansion is a unique and engaging puzzle game and home decor. A small family moved to a villa located on the outskirts of a large city. This house is quite old and uninhabited for a long time. You will help the characters in this game to decorate and renovate the house to make it better. This is quite a simple entertainment game; there will be many challenges waiting for you in this game. Can you create a great home for your characters?

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A familiar puzzle game

When entering the game, players will be able to control the characters living in their new home. You will help your characters repair the house and decorate it to become more splendid. The gameplay is quite familiar; players will pass Match-3 puzzles to help their characters make money and choose new furniture.

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Matchington Mansion APK Download will have a lot of difficulties for the player to pass, the game will gradually become less relevant to the value of the item you want to own. Players will have to overcome many Match-3 puzzles with different rules to complete the task given by the game. On the screen, your device will display a table divided into several different squares. Each square will contain candies of different shapes.

matchington mansion match 3 home decor adventure 1

Players will use their fingers to change the position of these candies to form a row or column of three or more candies. Once you have created a row or column of 3 candies, the candy will automatically disappear, and you will receive a bonus. Also, players can create combos that kill the candy to get a lot higher score. Players will need to perform these actions continue to complete the game.

Matchington Mansion – Kombinations – und Deko-Puzzle

Once you have solved the puzzle, you will receive a bonus equivalent to the achievement you earned. You can use the bonus to buy new items such as tables, chairs, carpets, lamps, changing the colour of the house … These items will make the house become much more beautiful and do Make your characters happier. The game also has many other interesting features waiting for you to experience and explore.

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Matchington Mansion Mod Coins owns 2D graphic design in a fun cartoon style. The characters in the game are very detailed and close to the player. If you play this game for a long time, then you will feel like doing the beauty job for your apartment. The sound of the characters is very animated with different emotions.

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In general, Matchington Mansion is a game not so new to people who love Match-3 games. You can test this game to get the exciting experience in choosing the interior and beautifying your home. You will also get a lot of fun and happy feeling like being in a real family that the game brings to you. You can explore this game as quickly as possible with our link at the bottom of the article.