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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 203 MB
  • Date Updated: June 13, 2019

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde – An engaging puzzle game with many mysterious stories for you to learn. It is based on the classic detective style of writer Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes series. In the process of exploring this game, you will be challenged with many complex puzzles. And requires you to have smart minds to overcome pre-prepared tasks. Many mysterious stories revolve the crimes of dangerous criminals in the 19th century waiting for you ahead. Discover crazy mysteries and enjoy exciting emotions with this classic detective theme.

mazm jekyll and hyde 2

Unique game

With the detective theme, MazM: Jekyll and Hyde APK Mod were built and developed based on a famous novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the game, you will become Gabriel John Utterson lawyer and have the task of discovering the mysterious stories surrounding Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is a terrible mystery going on between these two people, and you are responsible for bringing this mystery to light. A series of challenges with many different stories will be prepared for you to learn. To complete the challenges of the game, you need perseverance and concentration.

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Become a talented detective

Since it was developed based on a famous novel, the game will not have side stories or side quests for you to do. You will learn the mystery of the game with a logical plot system and many details carefully arranged to challenge the thinking ability of the player.

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To find answers about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s relationship, you have to move continuously to different locations. And each location will help you meet many new characters. These characters will give you their stories. And each story will have its information for you to investigate.

MazM: Jekyll and Hyde – Mystery Adventure!

After getting the necessary information, you need to think carefully and use them wisely. If you handle the information correctly, you can quickly find the answers you want. In addition to the important information to answer the mystery, you can also get some untrue information to deceive your judgment. Therefore, you need to focus your thoughts and make accurate judgments to accomplish the assigned tasks.


MazM: Jekyll and Hyde own classic and detailed images built with dark and mysterious colors. The space and scenery of the game are built with the 19th-century European context. With many pictures built honestly, you can enjoy life and think of people in this era. In particular, image details are designed with hand-drawn strokes and help stimulate your curiosity.

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With a complex puzzle system, this game is very picky for players. It needs players to focus on the experience for a long time. If the player does not focus and skip the story in a hurry, they will not find the answers necessary and easily feel depressed. Besides experiencing it alone, you can also explore it with your friends for more confidence.