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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 94 MB
  • Date Updated: September 6, 2019

Dragon is a species that appears in fictional films. The dragons have always been a symbol of power and pride, many fans of mighty dragons. Sure, you will also know these creatures. However, the dragons are not friendly. The dragons will attack all other creatures when they invade the dragon’s territory. In addition, dragons have brought destruction to humanity in fiction films. Imagine a special perspective when dragons exist in our world. This is an extremely miserable prospect, and humanity will face very dangerous creatures. Dragons will destroy all the big cities with their terrible flames. If you want to experience that perspective, Merge Dragons! be released by Gram Games Limited will meet your needs. The game takes players to a world of chaos, where dragons exist. You will have the opportunity to learn about these mysterious animals in the simplest way.

merge dragons 1

Mysterious land

Dragonia is a mysterious land floating hovering in the sky, where there are many different species. In it, the dragon is the most powerful creature. They live in this beautiful land and always protect their homeland. One day, an army of Zomblins has appeared. They destroy the land of Dragonia and destroy other creatures. Gradually, the land of Dragonia has become desolate. Other creatures have escaped the destruction of Zomblins army. The dragons were defeated by Zomblins and they were detained in dark places. You will become a hero, take the journey to save the dragon and bring peace to the world.

merge dragons 2

Revive the land Dragonia

You will become a hero in this game, you will use your special ability to rescue the dragon and revive the land Dragonia. The gameplay of the game is very simple, the map of the game is divided into two different parts. Part of the map is dead land, not any kind of creature can live here. You will start your work on the beautiful land left over after the war. You will combine the dragon eggs to create a new dragon. In addition, the magic bushes will create beautiful flowers. The dragons are attracted by the beautiful flowers, which will bring the seeds of these flowers to the land of death. Once again, the dead land will become a place full of life. The beautiful flowers will revive the land Dragonia. Merge Dragons! Mod Gems has very unique gameplay, you will find a lot of fun to participate in the journey in this game.

merge dragons 3

During the journey, you will find the treasure that appears randomly on the map of the game. You can use the treasures you find to buy items in the game store. Supporting items will help you complete the difficulty level more quickly. Of course, you will also achieve new records when using these support items properly.

Merge Dragons! – Grow and Evolve a Magic Dragon

Beautiful graphics

Players will be overwhelmed by the land of Dragonia in this game. With 2D animated graphic design, all details are clearly displayed on the screen of the device. The dragons are very lively, and you will feel like you are in the world where dragons exist. The background music of the game will make the player feel much more fun.



With unique gameplay and not a lot of pressure on the player, this will be a great game for players to relieve stress. Can you become a real hero in this game to save the dragon?